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  • Sasha. The manager of the gym

Sasha is the new manager of the best gym in the city.

In her gym are training a selectioned pool of men chosen to represent the region at the national championships because they have recently won numerous competitions regional and national.

The video starts with the three men warming up in the gym when suddenly a woman enters, she is a beautiful, slim and really sexy woman: Sasha. The men don’t know who she is so Sasha takes the floor and present herself like the new manager of the gym. She tells them that she doesn’t like to lose competition so she want to verify the level of the three. 

The men confirm they are at the top and they are confident they could win the national competition then they ask curiously how she thinks the test their level.

Sasha says quietly that she is really strong and fit so she want test their skill personally.

The men don’t understand if it’s a joke or if she talks seriously, they watch eachothers and they laugh.

They underline to be an élite of really strong and skill men so it’s stupid that she challenges them. She hasn’t any little chance to test their strenght. 

Sasha is used to men who think a woman can't be stronger than them and asks if they think she can't challenge them just because she's a woman.

They confirm that this is exactly what they think: a woman is always weaker than a man, and against men very strong any woman can’t compete neither a well trained woman. For sure a skinny woman like her can’t beat any men like them.

Sasha says that it doesn't need bodybuilder's muscle for a woman to beat men. She understands that, as usual, she must give an hard lesson to the arrogant men, so after a bit of discussion, she challenges them giving them the possibility to choose any competion they want to test their skills.

They don’t want challenge her because it’s ridicolous, they say that she could hurt herself against so big and strong men but she convinces them asking if they are fear to challenge her.

The men accept the challenge. 

The 3 men are specialists in 3 competitions and in particular in one they are the main specialist and in the others they participate in the team competitions, so all of them must be very valid in all the three competitions.

The competitions are: arm wrestling, tug-of-war and karate. The three men choose the armwrestling match.

The strongest of the three is ready. The man tells her not to worry because he won't hurt her but Sasha advises him to use all his strength if he doesn't want to look bad. The man starts without pushing to 100% but then seeing that he doesn’t get any results he starts to push harder.

Sasha is in total control, so the man starts to push harder and harder and his efforts are increasing. Sasha stimulates him by teasing him and inciting him. The man is at his maximum effort but Sasha without apparent effort take him down and wins. The two men occasionally incite him and tease him because he can't beat a woman. The loser can’t accepte the losing so he want an immediate revenge and also wants to change the chair because he thinks there is a trick in any way.

Sasha accepts without any problem and the challenge starts again. This time the man pulls at maximum strenght but Sasha resists without any effort. The two men incite him but also insult him, what happens to him? He can't lose by a skinny woman ...... Push more you are the champion!!

Sasha also encourages him, you are the champion can't you beat the weaker sex??

But nothing happens, rather Sasha at one point advises him to try using two hands, maybe so he could manage to beat a woman. He does it, he wants to win at all costs but after some other efforts Sasha wins easily. The other two men are incredulous and think that it’s impossible, they want to try too. One goes on the sit. Sasha immediately advises him to use both hands and he does but Sasha's arm doesn't budge despite his efforts, so she invites the third man to help his friend, he enters but it's all useless, then Sasha wins. Sasha is having fun now and plays with them, challenging them with her left hand and using two fingers and beat easily the two men. At the end she says: well guys I give you one last chance but if you lose this too tomorrow I’ll start to train you, you are patheticly weak and you need to train hardly. Men accept. The challenge is Sasha with one hand against all three men using two hands each: 1 vs 6. But the challenge still ends with Sasha's victory. Now she wants to go because she has already understood they level proposing him to train them, but the men don't accept the losing, they want to beat her. Yes maybe she has very strong biceps but in a test where the weight is very important she will not have any chance and the tug of war begins. Sasha is much stronger than they expected and after a bit of challenge she beats the champion easily.

He wants the revenge, she acceptes it but after a while to show him how stronger she is, she takes a hand off to the rope and continues the challenge using only one hand but even so she wins.

The men don't give up and also the other two want to challenge Sasha, so she suggests immediately a 1 vs 3 and wins again.

It remains the fight!! This is the only possibility to beat her. The champion of the fight does not lose a match for some years having also beaten very good champions. In this category they think that the woman must not have any chance. Sasha accepts the challenge, she wants to have fun all the way. The man seems to be fully confident but also Sasha is, the fight starts but it is a onesided match. Sasha's skill, speed and power are superior than the man’s ones. The man attacks but their hits or kicks are blocked or avoided while those of Sasha are constantly on target. The man goes to the ground many times and he is increasingly tired but he does not accept a defeat by a woman. After a while Sasha advises him to give up for his own health but he wants to continue, after a while when he struggles to get up, a couple of times it’s Sasha who decides to help him to get up. In the end, with a flying kick, Sasha knock out him. She puts her foot on the knocked out man and she thinks it's over but the second man want to fight her and he enters with a knife but Sasha quickly disarms him with a kick to the wrist then knocked down with a series of kicks, hits and proiections, then she picks up the knife and she throws it away saying that until they don’t improve a little their level it’s  better for them to not use such dangerous weapons because they could get hurt above all against a woman. After several knockdown the second man is close to ko, it enters the third with a bat but Sasha disarms him two or three times and then knock him out using her skill.

Sasha now thinks it's over, turns to leave but the three with a reaction of pride are still standing and challenging her. Sasha advices them to renounce but they want the fight, now Sasha uses all her skill and it  starts an intense battle that ends with 3 KOs.

Sasha puts her foot on one of the men and comments that she thought they could resist a little more, by three super trained men she expected a little more resistance. Then she say to men that if they want to obtain any result in the tournament they still have a lot to learn and for this they will have to be ready for training hardly by the next day.

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Sasha. The manager of the gym

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