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  • Stella turns the men into the slaves

I would love to order a custom clip with Stella It starts with Stella walking into the apartment with a masked male on leash crawling behind her. There are two UN masked males sitting on the couch and they are surprised to see that his friend is on all fours and collared like a dog. I would love for Stella to be in same  outfit as in “Stella brought 3 guys to dizziness to complete the levels” video with short boots.  

Stella casually leans against the counter and her pet crawls up beside her. A quick tug on the leash and her slave starts kissing her boots and arms and abs. The guys on the couch, still in shock, begin to question her as he looks to his friend wondering why. Of course, the pet is still kissing her arms and abs and Stella tells him that he is her slave and will do anything she wishes which includes speaking. The pet remains quiet. She tugs on the leash, “isn’t that right pet?” The slave responds immediately in affirmation.  

“I am Goddess Stella and by the end of this that is how you two will refer to me.” She says.  

The two men begin to laugh. Stella then proceeds to tell them that she is in need of other slaves because she is in the business of turning males in to slaves, whereupon she either sells them to other women or keeps the good ones as her own personal slave.  

“Would you like to be my slave?” She asks innocently.  

The incredulous males start to laughs again still in disbelief.  

“Would you like a demonstration?” She asks. 

She kicks her pet off her boots and pulls him to his feet in the center of the room. She slowly removes his chain and places it on the counter. She then removes her leather gloves.  

A quick kick sends the slave across the room. Stella employs a number of kicks, punches, slaps and knees in this exchange with her pet. I would like it end with Stella kicking him hard twice in balls and punch him down to ground and continues beating him in a mounted position until he is groaning and pleading for the beating to stop. This scene should be much shorter than the next one as she makes quick work of her slave.  

She stands up and kicks the slave in the side; demanded he “Thank” her. The slave still groaning gets to his knees and begins kissing her arms and abs. After a few seconds she retrieves the leash and places it back on the slave. She pulls him to the side and places the leash in his mouth.  

“Sit there quietly, don’t say a word and watch while I beat your friends.” She says to him while giving him a quick kick to his gut. He doubles over from the pain but quickly recovers.  

She points to the males, who are still seated and still in disbelief, “Your turn bitches!” Stella says.  

The males quickly lunge at her trying to get the jump on her. A quick back hand sends him to the wall and few quick kicks to head have him disoriented and punch the other guy and knee him many times badly.  

“I am going to break you.” Stella growls.  

She walks over to the unsuspecting males with a smile.  

She grab them both up and grab one of them in headlock while beating on the other guy. 

Then she grab them up and kicks them to the wall and do double knee to each one of them at the same time. 

Then puts one guy between her legs and beating the other guy with slaps and punch while she laugh .then she throw them on the ground mount on both of them punching and slapping many times then she choke them at the same time. 

After the beating and the male is barely conscious. Stella places the boot on each one of them neck and asks “Who do you belong to?” 

“You.” He responds. “Who?” She demands raising the boot and smashing down harder.   

“Goddess Stella.” He responds with such weakness.  

“On your knees!” She demands. “Crawl.” 

The beaten males obediently follows and she walks towards her pet that has remained where she told him to stay.   

The scene ends with Stella putting her leather gloves back on while the three males are kissing her arms abs and boots boots with devotion. Stella leaves the room with the three males crawling after her.  

 I like double knee to guys and hard punch slap and knee to their bodies a lot. 

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Stella turns the men into the slaves

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