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  • Stella wins easily

It starts with the man waiting in the ring.  He is dressed as a boxer, but without the gloves.  In comes Stella.  She is wearing a skirt and a pretty top, and she carries a handbag on her shoulder.  She leaves it on a table or a chair near the ring (if this is possible) and enters the ring.  

The man asks if she's having a joke, and she says, "When I beat up a man I like to look my best for him.  He's angry and swings a punch at her, which she avoids.  This happens a few more times in different ways, with the man getting angrier.  Stella just keeps her concentration, waiting for an opening.  When she finds it she gives him a sharp jab on the face.  This halts his progress, and she goes on to the attack now, driving him back to a corner of the ring.  She uses a combination of body and face punches.  After a while she backs off a little and looks at him.  He relaxes his guard to see why she's backed off, and she knocks him down with a right or left hook.

While he lies trying to recover, she smooths her skirt a few times, and pats her hair to tidy it.  This infuriates him and she gets up, glaring at her.  She just keeps up her concentration.  He aims a few punches at her, which she blocks, parries and dodges.  He's obviously getting tired, and now it's her turn.  She gives him several hooks and crosses to his face.  When he's staggering, she positions herself for one of those wonderful uppercuts that she does.  She punches him and he leaves the floor, landing flat on his back.

This time, as he's lying there, she examines her fingers and complains that she's broken a nail.  "Look," she says to him, showing him the finger.

I'm going to leave the middle part for you to decide what to do with.  Please remember that I like punching, and I wonder if some punches could be done in slow-motion.  I have seen earlier examples of this.  Particularly I'd like to see an uppercut done in slow-motion.

Towards the end I'd like a scene where she knocks him down with a punch, drags him back onto his feet, and punches him down again with various punches, after which he lies there still.

After this she leaves the ring and goes over to her handbag, sitting down if possible.  She opens it and starts to repair her lipstick and make-up.  Meanwhile he starts to get up.  She's annoyed and tuts, putting her make up down.  She goes to meet him, waits for him to get out of the ring and stand opposite her, then knocks him out with one last uppercut, before going back to her make-up.

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Stella wins easily

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