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  • Lillian vs Sensei and his student

Overview.  Lillian (wearing leggings) fights and beats a male fighter. The male fighter goes back to his sensei,  who berates him.  Then Lillian (wearing workout shorts) enters and the sensei fights her and loses. then both male actors fight Lillian and lose.

Scene 1: (4 min)

Actress and male actor (student) face each other.

Male actor: This will be no contest.  I'm a trained fighter and you're only a girl.

Actress smiles.

They fight and she wins after a short fight (4 min).

In this fight I would like there to be one scene where she catches the guys fist in her hand.  And she squeezes and brings him to his knees.

At the end of the fight she smiles and looks down at him and says, "men are weak."

Scene 2:

Both male actors are sitting in a room (a gym would be ideal, but is there an extra cost?)

Male actor 1 (student) is kneeling before Male actor 2 (sensei).

Male actor 2 (sensei): You lost to a girl????

Male actor 1 (looks ashamed and hangs his head):  

Male actor 2: You have brought shame to our dojo. I will defeat her and restore our honor!

Male actor 1: yes, sensei!!

Actress enters door wearing a sports bra and workout shorts and walks in confidently.

The sensei challenges the actress and they fight.  She wins this fight in 6 min.

At the beginning of the fight I would like there to be a scene similar to this one in "Stella vs the Dragon Brothers", where they face off with wrists touching each other.

Towards the middle of the fight I would also like there to be one scene where both the man and the woman having a test of strength.  The man smiles at first because he thinks he has a big advantage.  But the woman forces him to his knees and then pushes him back. 

Then the sensei and student both try to fight the actress and she beats them both in around 3 min.

After the fight, please show various shots of her standing above the 2 actors, some with her smiling and some not.

She says with a smile, "2 men verses 1 girl.  They never had a chance."

Then she walks out of the gym.

(feel free to add other speech lines)

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Lillian vs Sensei and his student

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