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  • Stella beats the guy to a pulp

Nobody dare to laugh at Stella. Who dares will be beaten to a pulp.

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Both woman and man step in the ring, and it starts with the woman says something like: "So you think you can actually beat me in the ring?" 

Man: "Yup, and I'm going to teach YOU a lesson that women don't belong here."

Woman: "You mother f!cker. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. I'm not just going to beat you, I am going to f!cking destroy you."

The match starts, and she comes right at him, and immediately lands dozens of huge shots to his face and head, and he doesn't even know what hit him. After a minute or two, he is already messed up and on his knees, even wipes some bl00d from his mouth, and she says something like "You look f!cked up already, and I haven't even started. This is going to be the worst day of you life, you f!cking piece of shit."

She pulls him up off his knees, saying "Get the f!ck up!" then she continues to batter him all around the ring (mostly face punches, but a few times where she concentrates his body), she beats him in the corner mercilessly (show angles from the front, the back, the side, etc), beats him against the ropes, until he goes down again. Now bleeding and bruised, he says something like: "Please, please, stop for a minute, I'm not feeling so good. I need a break."

Woman: "You think you don't feel good NOW, you f!cking pussy?! When I'm done with you, you won't feel a f!cking thing."  

She then lifts him up, and continues to punch him all over the place for a few minutes, again in the corners, then she ties his arms in the ropes and says "I f!cking told you, I am going to destroy you!" and beats him while tied up in the ropes, until his arms come loose and he falls flat on his face. She turns him over, sits on his chest, and she says" "Get ready mother f!cker, because I'm about to beat your face to a f!cking pulp!" And she pummels his face while sitting on his chest with lefts and right. 

Nice camera shots from all angles of his face getting pounded. If you can, when you show the camera from behind, make his legs "buckle" every time she hits him. 

She gets up, and maybe show a nice shot of his bl00dy bruised face, and bl00d all over the mat, and bl00d on her gloves.

She says, still sitting on his chest: "Your face looks f!cking terrible. I love it."

He says, barely managing to speak: "Ok, ok, it's over, I give up. I can't take anymore. Please, stop. You win."

Woman: "Yes. I do win. But this is not over, asshole. Not even close. Now I'm going to teach YOU a f!cking lesson."

She takes off her boxing gloves, and pulls him up by the hair, and says "No more boxing gloves, and nobody to here save you. I'm going f!ck you up."

The first bare fist punch is a big one, she puts her fist all the way back, and punches him right square in the face, sending him backwards against the ropes, then she continues to punch him all over the ring, with lefts, rights, jabs, etc. Maybe even show bl00d flying from his face. She then punches him into the corner and says: "Time for you to get real bl00dy." and she pummels him with fast jabs in the face about 25 times, until he is on his ass in the corner. 

A close up of his totally bruised and bl00dy face, and again, barely managing to speak, he says: "Please stop punching me. Please. You're going to kill me."

She says: "Ok. Let me help you up... (she helps him up and continues to talk...) I won't punch you, ok?" 

Man (who can barely stay on his feet): "Ok."

Woman: "Instead, I'll use my knees".

And from the standing position they're in, she knees him about 25 times (maybe more, if you have a lot of "knee" fans) in the ribs and stomach, and if possible, show angles from the top, side, and underneath, while he is completely helpless.

Woman: "Now your broken ribs can match your f!cked up face." and she continues to knee him, until he drops to his knees.

Woman: "Now let's see if I can break more stuff, mother f!cker." and she then knees him in the face several times, until he falls flat on his back. Now he's barely moving.

Standing above him, a victorious shot of her above him with bl00d on her fists and knees, she says "I told you this was going to be the worst day of your life, pussy."

Man, coughs up bl00d and says "Yes. It was. Now get me to a hospital."

Woman: "A hospital? Did I say this was over?"

Man: "What? No, no please. No, no more. No more..."

She slowly sits on top of his chest again, she cocks back her fist, as he's still saying "please, no more, please, no..."

And with the camera from the back, she starts raining bare fists into his face again, and after about 10 punches, it fades to black with the punches still going

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Stella beats the guy to a pulp

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