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  • Lillian tickles bad guys

The basic premise is that the gang from the last video have come to attack Lillian. They come to her apartment one by one to fight her and she tickles them using her fingers and toes. I have only written scripts for 3 fights, so I would like each to last quite a long time.

Fight 1

Lillian is in her room which contains a desk with a computer on it and a chair. She looks at her phone and says "So they are coming to get me. This should be fun!" She giggles and wiggles fingers at the camera, Then she goes to the back of the room and poses like a mannequin. The first attacker enters holding a rifle with a removable clip. He checks to see if the mannequin is real and is quickly fooled. Lillian smiles at his stupidity whenever he is not looking at her face.

When the attacker turns away Lillian quietly takes the clip out of his rifle and returns to a mannequin pose, holding his clip. The attacker sees that she has his clip and tries to take it back, but Lillian keeps moving it away from him and silently laughing at him when he is not looking. He keeps trying for 2 minutes. 

Lillian throws the clip over the attacker's head and he chases after it to pick it up. Lillian quietly follows him and when he picks the clip up she tickles him from behind. He can't put the clip back in his rifle because he is laughing and Lillian takes the clip from him and throws it again. He runs after it, she follows him and then tickles him again before he can put the clip back in his shooter. She takes it from him and throws it again. She doe this two more times. Next she throws it and, because the attacker is tired from the laughing, Lillian beats him to the clip and puts her foot on it. He cannot get it out from under her foot while she laughs at him. Lillian then tickles him until he is out.

Fight 2

A karate fighter arrives. Lillian faces him in a karate pose and bows to him. The she beckons him to attack her. He tries to hit and kick her several times but she ducks and blocks, taunting him "Come and get me!" etc, with a smile on her face. The guard soon pauses for breath. Lillian smiles and wiggles her fingers at him and grins mischievously, saying "I know your weakness..."

The attacker attacks with punches again. She blocks him. Once she has found an opening, she tickles him with her fingers. He laughs and retreats and Lillian  beckons him to attack again. He attacks and she blocks him again and tickles him and lets him retreat. This repeats a few more times until he collapses on the floor. 

Lillian laughs at him and sits down on a chair, taunting the guard to get up and fight more. The guard comes to fight again, standing in front of her in a karate pose. She stays seated but raises both her feet  and wiggles her toes at him, saying "Ready for some more?" Please film this from the perspective below, which will show Lillian's face and soles or from the point of view of the guard but NOT from Lillian's point of view:

The guard attacks with punches but Lillian moves her feet to dodge his punches. After a while she slips her feet under his arms and tickles him with her toes as below. He laughs and retreats. Then he tries again, but again Lillian dodges and then tickles him. He backs off again and this time sees a rope.

He takes the rope and says "I will tie your feet - no more tickling!" The attacker tries to tie Lillian's feet but she is too quick, moving them out of the way. Sometimes she tickles him while he is trying to tie her. Sometimes she lets him get one foot but teases him with the other and then frees the first one. As the fight goes on, she is tickling him more and more and he is getting tired from laughing.

I'd like this fight to be quite long, with Lillian teasing the attacker quite a lot, saying "oops" when he fails etc. 

At the end, Lillian takes the rope from him and ties it round one of his wrists. If she can do this with her toes then great, but if that is not possible she can use her hands. She then gets up and runs round the attacker a few times, tying him up with rope, tickling him  as she goes round. After a few more tickles he falls down. Lillian bows over his body.

Fight 3

Lillian waits behind the door and a boxer enters. He does not see her and enters the room looking for her. She follows him closely, so close that he cannot see her. And he walks round the room looking for her while she tries not to laugh. He pauses, confused and Lillian tickles him from behind until he collapses. Then she moves away and faces him like a boxer. He swings at her a lot but she is too fast and keeps ducking, occasionally tickling him as she dodges passed him. 

After a while she jumps on his back and twist his balaclava so he can't see. Then she says "Got you!" and jumps off to tease him. Lillian teases him for a while, tugging his shirt and calling him before moving away so he tries to hit her but misses. I would like Lillian to mix in some tickling with with the teasing. So sometimes she pokes him to get his attention and sometimes she tickles him a little before backing off and making him punch and miss again.

At the end the attacker collapses on the floor as she tickles him. Lillian mocks his boxing as she poses over him.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian tickles bad guys

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