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  • Sasha lethal schoolgirl in white panties

Could I order another custom please around 15 mins in length. With Casey in schoolgirl uniform , white panties boots with long socks as my previous custom.

2 soldiers are guarding a secret stolen disc with important information , Casey is sent to recover the disc.

She enters the room and asks them for the disc, they laugh and say go away little girl, she says ok guys looks like I will have to teach you a lesson! They laugh again and say what is a little schoolgirl with white panties going to do against us! She replies let’s see shall we , this little schoolgirl and her white panties will kill you both and take that disc .

The first man walks towards her and she kicks him in the balls, then 3 quick kicks to the head, he drops to his knees , she karate chops his shoulders steps forward and balancing on him kicks the second guard with a series of kicks until he falls to the ground. She then karate chops the first guy so they are both on the ground. She sits astride the first guard pinning his arms with her knees and says so you see how dangerous this little schoolgirl is with her white panties! The other guard gets up and staggers towards her and she grabs him around the neck, she holds them for a while in this position as they both struggle , she then throws them to the floor and sits on the floor next to them as the both stagger to their knees she kicks them both in the head a number of times from her sitting position. 

A fight then takes place I’ll leave the fight choreography to you , lots of repeat face kicks, karate chops , and if possible have her suffocating them by sitting on their masked faces showing her panties , also holding ones head between her legs, and another sequence holding them under her arms with repeat back kicks. Ending the sequence with her suffocating them both with her knees and then breaking their necks, she then takes the disc turns round and say see what a little schoolgirl with white panties can do , smiles and leaves the room. I don’t mind if Casey wears pantyhose but white panties should be worn over the top.

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Sasha lethal schoolgirl in white panties

  • Brand: SASHA
  • Product Length: 16 minutes
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