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  • Stella demonstrates her power to 5 spotsmen


The story

Stella is the secretary of the best gym in the city.

It's time to close the gym but 5 men who have just arrived are starting their training and it seems that they want to continue.

The 5 men are all black belts of very high level and some of them have partecipated to various tournament also some international tournaments with very good results. 

Stella enters in the room and asks kindly to the men to go out because it's really late (after the closing time of the gym) and it's the fourth night consecutively they remain a lot of time after the closing time but this night she needs to go out. The men don't want she closes the gym because they are just arrived and they want to train more. They aren't polite with her and treat her with disrespect like their time were more important than hers so she insists. They are arrogant and they pretend to have what they want but Stella doesn't accepte the arrogance, so she advices them to go away. They laugh at her and they ask what she thinks to do if they don't go out and she replies that if they don't go out spontaneously she will be forced to use the bad manners with them despite she doesn't like to use the force. They laught at her, it's ridicoulus they are all skilled black belts and she is only a tiny secretary.

The men want to know how she thinks to force them to go out. Do you think to call your boyfriend ahahaah. But Stella confirm that she doesn't need any help and she proposes a bet: if she beats one of them at their choise in a challenge they will go out to the gym. 

They laugh!! They think it's stupid and they don't want accepte because it's ridicoulus.

Do you really believe you can beat anyone of us??? It's impossible, a woman can't beat any man of our level and certainly you can't do it.

And who says it?? Women are more strong than you think!! I'm sure I can beat any of you!! Anyone have the brave to try???

Ahahah this is ridiculous, we don't want to hurt you.

Ahahaha you don't want to hurt me, ahaha, don't worry, I think you're afraid!!!

She insists and they accepte.

One of the man comes in the center of the ring and says her: you will regret having challenge us!! Stella take off the shoes and enters the ring.

Stella: Ohh nice, come on, let me see what you are able to do, stop to chat and fight. You'll need your maximum concentration if you don't want to end badly.

It's stupid. You don't have any chance with me. I’m a skilled black belt and you are only a secretary. Last month I won a very hard tournament, with you it will be like a walk.

Don’t worry and fight, I don’t want excuses when you’ll be on the floor.

The challenge begins and it's a one-sided match in favour of Stella. In fact, Stella is faster, skiller, more precise and perhaps even stronger. The man isn't passive and tries to attack but his attacks are either dodged or blocked and the reactions of Stella are always punctual and peremptory. After a while, the man is increasingly in trouble and he's struggling more and more to restart the fight because he doesn't want to give up. During the challenge Stella forces the man to a humiliating tap out (only one, photo "tap out"), after this she asks him if he gives up or if he want to continue. The man can't accepte to lose so he continues. 

The men who are looking, above all at first they encourages his friend; he can't lose by a woman, she is only a skinny secretary, he can't lose by her, he's a black belt, it's a shame, etc....

During the fight Stella underlines she was waiting something more from a black belt; she asks him if it’s his best what he is doing and then: Oh my God I can’t beleive that a such strong man can’t do more than this. 

In general she sometimes teases them during the various fight with phrases like these and others.

When the man is really close to knock out, Stella asks him if he wants to continue or advice him it should be better for him to give up. Naturally he continues proudly until the moment he doesn't have any more energy to fight and he can't stand up. She advices him to stop because she doesn't want to do too much pain on him. The man can't stand up so other two men help him.

Stella have won the bet so she says to men to go out as promise and she are ready to stop the discussion but the others four men can't accepte that a secretary have beaten a black belt like them. One of them: no, no, no it can't finish in this way now you must pay for this challenge, for sure he was surprised by you because he knew you are only a secretary but now we have understood you know also some fighting and another one of us will give you the lesson you deserve.

Oh my God, every time you men can't accepte the losing by a girl, it's incredible!! Your ego is so big you can't understand than a lot of women can easily beat men.

They laugh. It's impossible we are black belt and not normal men. Any woman can beat us!!

Ok Sirs I make you another bet but if I win you will go out to the gym. 

Which bet??

I challenge two of you simoultaneously in a 1 vs 2 match but if I win you go out without any other discussion.

Ahahahah ahahah ahahah do you really think you could beat two of us?? Together?? ahahah ahahah it's impossibile.

They think she can't beat them so they accepte.

They are black belt very expert so they think she hasn't any chance to beat them.

They ask if she is sure to do this challenge because it could be dangerous for her.

Ahahah I can't wait, I love challenges.

The challenge begins and it's like before a onesided match. Stella attacks and counterattacks with decision. The men try to hit her but Stella either stops or dodges their hits. Stella varies her hits using above all kicks of all kind (high kicks, lateral kicks, round kicks, etc) some judo projections, punches and other. Her superiority is almost overflowing. After a while they understand it will be very difficult beat her also in a 2 vs 1 match so the two talk togheter to organise a strategy but Stella's superiority is clear and she continues kicking, punching and throwing them also simoultaneously. Her kicks are precise and also powerful.  When the two are in difficult to stand up she forces them to a simoultaneous desperate tap out (photo "tap out2" or something similar). They want to continue the fight but after a while they can't fight more because they are semiunconscious on the floor. The other three men during the fight prompt the two fighter to do more, to not give up, they are against a woman, a secretary, they can't lose, etc..

Now Stella orders to men to go out immediately, she has won the bet and now is the time to stop the discussion but the men are not agree. They can't accepte to lose by a woman.

They say: do you really think we leave you to go out after you have beaten three of us?? I don't know how you did it but now it's time to give you a real lesson!!!!

Oh my God you still think to beat me after you saw how I destroyed your collegues??? It's better for you if you forget your egos and you go out because now I'm tired of you!!

It's ridicolous, we are ready to polverize you!!!! 

Oh you are very hard men, you are black belt and you are ready to challenge a secretary in a 2 vs 1 fight ...... ahahah you are pathetic.

The two men are ready so Stella help the two on the floor to stand up and to go out of the center of the ring. When she helps them she says them: don't worry because you had fight really well only I'm too much skill for you or something similar

Then Stella propose them to fight in a 3 vs 1 match because the first opponent seems ready now but they don't accepte. 

No no we don't need any help to beat a woman, our two are enough to destroy you without any problem.

The challenge begin and as always Stella is faster, stronger and skiller than them and after some minutes of onesided match one of the two in difficult orders to the third man to help them. He enters in action with an iron bar. Stella smiles, she likes to see the fear in the arrogant men and continues the fight. She easily disarm the man with a kicks in the hand after he tryed to hit her. The men use the iron bar 3 - 4 times but without any results (Stella leaves they bring the iron bar).

When the men are really in difficult she forces them to a tap out (photo "tape out3 or 4" what she prefers). The men during the hold ask to leave them, they try to be free but they can't. After this she stops to fight and says. Ok sirs, now I've lost the time to go to my friends so we can use this time to amuse. I give you a rest while I go to do a phone call. Try to regain your energies and to organise you for a 5 to 1 match. When I'll come back I want to see if you can compete with me fighting all together. The men help eachother to be ready for a new fight. They are shocked for the skill of the secretary but they want to win in everyway!!!

Stella come back to the ring and ask if they are ready for the final battle. They are.  You can't beat us in a 5 vs 1 and Stella: C'mon men give your best.

The fight is always a onesided match, the men sometimes try to hit her but she is to much skill for them.

After a while the men are in difficult when suddenly one of them say that she is lucky because they can't hit her. If only they could hit her she would lose against them. Stella laughs and says that it's patethic they cry because they can't hit her in a 5 vs 1 match but she says that if they think this could be true she gives them an advantage. Two of them can stop her from behind and she will leave the others punching her for about 15 or 20 seconds and then she will start to fight again.

They accepte but Stella can resist to the hits of the men. She jokes with them challenging them to do more, can't you do better than this?? Or something similar. 

She resists easily and then she restarts to fight and for the men it's a big problem!!

Stella want to humiliate them so after a while, during the match she proposes to fight without using hands for a while but she continues to beat them at the same way.

Then she is ready to knock down them and she does using various way (I send you some photos that are some ideas but you can change the way, the idea is that it's more humiliating as possible).

2 or 3 times during the video I love also if she puts her foot on men when they are out on the floor.

Stella is amused by her performances and one of the men who is still able to talk ask her if she is a black belt or in which martial art she is an expert. She laughs and confirm that she isn't a black belt. Only she watched the men in the gym during their training and this is enough for a woman to beat men. As she said before a lot of women can beat easily men also if they are black belt and this is a lesson that they mustn't forget.

Then she goes out to the ring, she wears her shoes while she orders him to go out until five minutes. If they are there when she comes back (after 5 minutes) she will deserve them an harder lesson. The men are terrified and the scene finish when Stella goes away and the men help each other to go out of the gym in a hurry (only a few seconds)

Setting: in the gym

General things you must consider:

The matches must be totally one sided but the men must try to win but they can’t, they are not passive. 


Stella must use the most large variety of moves she knows. I would like she gives a lot of kicks, some punches and also some judo or karate moves like throws, flips and all she knows. 

The style and the action in the video http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=553 is almost perfect!! 

- The kicks (high kicks, lateral kicks, jump kicks, roundhouse kicks) are superlative above all the big series of kicks, I love they are the main part of the fight, I love also punches. I think that in the last custom (video 553) there was a perfect mix of kicks and punches. 

- If she can I would like she increases the number of throws of judo like video3 (where she use a throw after a fantastic series of kicks), video4, video5 and video6. In the last custom I think she used 4 - 5 of this moves in the last video but if it's possible I would she does more, for example a total from 10 to 20 moves at her choise, the action in video3 is my favourite but I love also the others). 

- It's fantastic also when she stops a punch like video1 (she could do this 4-5 times during the video but preferable not at the start of the fight). 

- It's superlative the final double throw like video2 (she could do almost 2 or 3 times in this video). 

- Like suggestion I love a lot also the action in 

- video7 (the series of punches and/or the final strike (very powerful)),

- video8, video9, video13 (the multiple kicks, I would like she uses almost one time vs 2 men and 5 men, also 3 if you want),

- video10 (the jump kicks)

- video11 (she could use this kick jumping and doing strike like "Bowling"). 

The only action I don't like a lot is when she the action like video12 (she punches the man when he's on the floor).

In general the idea is that Stella is amused and self confident. She challenges, humiliates, teases the men. 

The men initially are self confident, arrogant, full of male's ego, then they can't believe what it succeeded and they can't accept the losing so they try everything, only they want to see Stella laying on the floor but they can't.

I love teasing and humiliation for the big men. During the fight and amongst the fight I would like some dialogues.


Stella: short dress (elegant and sexy) or short skirt with a shirt, something who enhances her physic. A dress like the video 553 is perfect. Very very important are black panthyose and high heels like the last video. During the fight she mustn't use the shoes. She wears shoes only when she enters and when she goes out at last. I hate broken pantyhose. Stella doesn't wear any belt. I prefer hair not tied.

About men I would you use big men if it possible (I love a tiny girl destroying big men). About the outfit you can use the classic judogi with black belt or if you have also judogi of different colour you can use but the normal white are absolutely ok.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Stella demonstrates her power to 5 spotsmen

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