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  • You had better not touch Casey

Scene 1: The opening follows Casey as she walks towards a doorway (See Casey Custom – Special Video 01 – Opening Scene 1). It doesn’t have to be a stairway like in the video though. As Casey reaches the doorway she leans against the door way with her arms and boots crossed. Beyond Casey we can see the are several bad guys (six in all) waiting in the room. The camera now moves to a front shot of Casey. With a wry smile, Casey introduces her presence “Hello boys, could you please help me? I’m looking for bad boys to play with.” One the bad guys confidently walks over to Casey, with Casey still smiling and leaning against the doorway he puts his hand on her shoulder. “Run along little girl, before you get hurt….badly hurt” he says to her. The smile on Casey’s face now turns serious as she unfolds her arms and boots and stands up straight in front of the bad guys glaring intently at him. She looks down at his hand on her shoulder and then back up at him. The bad guy now removes his hand off Casey’s shoulder lifting his hand in a position ready to strike her in the head as he begins to threaten “Hey bitch, I am not going to warn you……..” but before he can finish Casey delivers a fast serpent hand strike to his throat causing him to lose his breath and bow forward slightly. Casey then quickly follows with an open hand karate chop to the top of his head knocking him to his knees in front of her. The bad guy the foolishly throws a punch a Casey which she easily grabs his closed hand in her open right hand before twisting his wrist backwards, breaking it, as he cries out in pain. Next, using her extraordinary strength Casey grabs the bad guy’s throat with her left hand and lifts him up so his face is in front of hers. Softy smiling, she says “You touch me……” The still holding him by the throat with her left hand she proceeds with her right hand in a series of rapid fire open-palm strikes to his face. Supporting his body, she remarks “I hate being called a bitch” and releases his body to slump in front of her long black boots.

Stepping over the first bad guy’s body Casey now moves into the middle of the room where she is surrounded by the six masked bad guys (the first bad guy is back up again). As Casey sizes up her opponents she gives an invitation “Who wants to play with me next? Perhaps you, tough guy?” as she beckons the biggest bad guy to approach her. As the biggest bad guy moves into the centre he raises his leading arm and hand as Casey does likewise. What plays out next is the Casey Custom – Fight Video 01 – Stand Off followed straight into Casey Custom – Fight Video 02 – Arm Break. Having defeated the largest of all her opponents Casey now finishes him. Can Casey try and mimic the facial intensity and expressions and Bruce Lee cry please? A big fight now breaks out between Casey and the six bad guys using the attached fight scene videos please. I also like it if Casey dodges, evades and blokes her opponents punches and/or kicks before she strikes back with her moves. She does this well in her movies Casey the sexy secret agent. After pummelling all her opponents using the Fight Videos can she finish them. The last bad guy however she tortures to extract the information about where the rest of their gang is before finishing him.

Scene 2: The scene begins with Casey entering a room where she straight away encounters and defeats a bad guy. Just as she has defeated him when a large group of bad guys come charging at her (Casey Custom – Special Video 04 – Scene 2a). The scene plays out similar to the video where Casey kicks and punches her way through multiple attackers. The six attackers can be repeatedly used to create the impression that there are many more attackers. Towards the end of the fight scene one of the bad guys pulls out a pair on nunchucks and attacks Casey, she easily evades his clumsy attacks before launches a series of straight punches knocking him back leaving him dazed but standing she removes the nunchucks from his hand and tucks them in behind the front of her black belt remarking (see picture 2a & 2b) “Thank you handsome, I could use these later”. She then pins him by the throat with her long boot against the wall with her hands raised and clenched, slowly lifting him up against the wall choking the life out of him. The scene finishes with Casey attacked from behind (Casey Custom - Special Video 05 - Total Control) an attacker. After releasing herself and now holding the attacker at her mercy, Casey kicks two separate attackers charging at her in the face before brutally cracking the held attacker’s neck with a loud crack. The scene ends with Casey standing over six bodies.

Scene 3: Starts with Casey walking through a ware house, she has the nunchucks tucked in behind the front knot of her black belt (like the scene from my previous Custom “You’d better Not Touch Lora”) with five bad guys standing in the middle of the room calling her forward. As she walks past the concrete pillars, hidden behind one the concrete pillars is a sixth bad guy. As Casey walks through the warehouse the camera shows the sixth bad guy watching her from behind a concrete pillar (See Casey Custom – Special Video 06 – Opening Scene 2). He has a baseball bat and as she passes behind the concreate pillar he prepares to strike at her after she re-appears on the opposite side only to be surprised when she does appear. As he turns back in the original direction Casey has now appeared right in front of him smiling confidently. As he attempts to raise his baseball bat, Casey is too fast for him as she launches into a series of rapid fire punches pounding away at his face (Casey Custom - Fight Video 04 – Rapid Fire Punches to the Face) she then grabs his arm before twisting it over her shoulder and breaking his elbow (Casey Custom - Fight Video 08 – Elbow Break) as he screams in pain. The camera now cuts to the remaining five bad guys in the middle of the warehouse. As they clearly hear the cries of pain Casey steps out from behind the pillar holding the defeated bad guy by the throat with her left hand. Now standing a few metres away from the group of bad guys she points at them with her right hand before declaring to them “You……are……all…..next”. Casey, still holding the sixth bad guy by the throat now slams several open hand palm-strikes into his face before using one hand to throw the beaten bad guy across the room onto the floor in front of the remaining bad guys. Casey now cracks her knuckles (Casey Custom – Special Video 07 – Knuckle Cracking) in preparation for another onslaught. Again, another fight breaks out with Casey destroying all her opponents. This big fight scene uses the techniques shown in the attached Fight Videos. Can Casey please block or dodge the bad guys punches and kicks before counter attacking with the Fight Video moves? As the fight scene ends Casey knocks all her opponents out without finishing them. As she stands triumphantly above all the bad guys she declares “I bored now, I think it’s time for change in outfits?”. The camera then follows Casey from behind as she struts out of the room.

Scene 4: Begins with the six bad guys awakening from their severe beating at the hands (and boots) of Casey in the previous scene. As the get up they notice Casey sitting in a meditating / yoga position (see Picture 06) with her eyes closed (perhaps either on a table or on a mat on the floor). Casey is now in her new outfit (see adaptation from Picture 3). They approach Casey as she sits quietly with her eyes closed meditating. They surround her in front of the bench she is sitting on. One of the bad guys steps forward getting very close to her face. He’s trash talking her as she sits calmly, unmoved, eyes closed. As the front bad guy continues to threaten Casey he produces a weapon / bat before announcing to the remaining bad guys “Enough of this bitch, I’m going to finish her now” and swings the weapon / bat at Casey. With her eyes closed Casey puts up her hand and grabs the crow bar mid-air. As the bad guy tries to wrestle the weapon / bat back Casey opens her eyes, smiles and drives her open hand into the throat of the bad guy and then open palm strikes him in the face sending him backwards. With this Casey jumps up, twirls / spins around in a circle before moving forward into the middle of the group of bad guys teasing them “How pathetic, I am just one little girl and I’ve just kicked your heads in. Who taught you how to fight? Perhaps I will go easy on you this time or perhaps I’ll use my new toy?” as she pats with her hands the nunchucks tucked in behind the front of her black belt (see picture 2a & 2b) before crossing her arms in front of her body. The camera now focuses in on the upper half of Casey’s body has two bad guys come in from either side behind her and start trash talking about how badly they’re going to hurt her. I am hoping to do a “double up version” of Casey Custom – Special Video 05 – Fight Scene. Both the attackers get right next to her ears as they continue to threaten her. When the finish Casey smiles and says “I don’t think you quite know who you are dealing with? I have black belts in four different martial arts” Then, with the camera still on the upper halves of their bodies the two bad guys then bend forward in agony on their faces as Casey has simultaneously reached down and grabbed their crotches in her hands and crushed their manhood mercilessly. As she holds both bad guy’s crotches in her hands the camera pans out to show the full extent of Casey’s domination. After crushing their balls with her hands for a period of time Casey then simultaneously swings her elbows back into their stomach before punching her hands firstly down into their crotches before finally back-punching both of the bad guys in the face. Casey then garbs one of the bad guys and pushes him against wall. She then delivers rapid fire punches to his stomach before grabbing him by the throat again with her left hand and landing a series of heavy punches with her right hand before moving him against another wall /pillar before doing the same again (see Casey Custom - Fight Video 05 Brutal Punch Combination). The man then crumples at Casey’s feet. From here on there is another big fight with Casey dominating her opposition. Can Casey please block or dodge some of the bad guy’s punches and kicks before counter attacking with the Fight Video moves? After Casey had defeated and finished or her opponents can she finishes the last bad guys by beating him with the nunchucks. I appreciate that Casey has not probably used them before but even if there is just a few swings and twirls that would be great. Can she finish by holding poses with the nunchucks over a pile of defeated opponents (see Pictures 01a, 01b and 01c). Casey finally tucks the nunchucks in behind the front (see Pictures 2a & 2b) of her black belt, remarks “Now where did I park my motorbike?” and then confidently struts off.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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You had better not touch Casey

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