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  • Super Stella stuck in love

So Stella would wear the super girl costume the two piece and skirt, with no hose with her hair down. Could she be flying, looks down and lands on a rooftop. She sees someone tied to a chair (the camera) making it a point of view video. She walks forward slowly and a little seductive looking concerned and ready to rescue him. A pink gas is seen, she inhales in mid step and shakes her head, she jolts up, then steps back a step. I liked the love effects you did with the other videos, something subtle like some sparkles around her head to show a love spell., or sparkles in her eyes. She shakes her head and looks at the camera. She is overcome by feelings of love much like the other videos. She stands there for a moment her expression going from confused with her hand on her head, to smiling lovingly, and exaggerated, slowly lowering her hand to her cheek looking like she is in a love trance like smiling and sighing, unable to look away.

She tries to say hello, but shakes her head and now she now believes they are soul mates. Immediately saying she is madly in love with him. She looks at him, reaches out but draws back saying “what’s going on?” Then looks confused, and she inhales deeply, smiling and again telling him she loves him more than any man in the whole world.

She throws her hair back and reaches out to him lovingly, and can't believe just how overcome with love she is. She asks him questions about what kinds of girls he likes, if he likes fit girls while showing off her figure, then she stops mid-pose and inhales another dose of pink smoke and she becomes even more enamored. 

At this point she can only think about him the spell is very strong preying on her weakness to kryptonite making it almost cartoon like, lots of huge smiles, sighs, and constant concern about whether she looks good in her costume, and she just can’t take her eyes off of him. He suddenly becomes the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, and tells him that she has never seen someone so beautiful. With a smile she circles around him showing off her costume, and modeling while telling him what she loves about him really showing off her figure and outfit.

She feels her heart race and is overcome with feelings of love, 

She tries to rescue him, but shakes her head and becomes so love dazed that all she can do is stand there touching her like she's hanging on his every word. She goes into a love-like trance for a few seconds then continues. All she wants to do is impress him now, she models the costume like the other videos and says all her powers are his to command. I like the harem type dance Lora did, she tries it just moving in place beckoning to him, and pouts when it doesn’t work. She tries again using a lot of body language but really displaying this total love struck I have to have you type of dance. She shows desperation and tries different movements showing her devotion to only him.

While moving in the harem type dance she talks about being with him forever, By now she is totally enchanted by him, and forgets about being a super hero, and now forgets about everything she knows and the only two people who exist in the world are her and him. 

A different color gas fills the area, she inhales, and a small force pushes her head and arches her back. She shakes her head, and giggles with sparkles in her eyes as she bites her fingernail giggling. She feels her IQ drop and says she feels “dumber.” She becomes very bubbly, bouncy in her movements, and a bit air-headed. At first she acts like a bimbo, just bouncy and bubbly. Twirling her hair and acting like a ditzy blonde...Thoughts of him leaving her vanish and she skips around energetically acting very ditzy, twirling her hair and acting like some sort of party girl teenager…just very naive and bimbo-like. Her personality completely changes, and instead of him being beautiful she says he’s soooo hot! She does a twirl and is in a school girl outfit like Lora was wearing, a small crop top and skirt with heels or something like it? It shows a lot of stomach...But the costume is very school-girl and a bit revealing (like someone would wear to a dance club) she does a more energetic version of the dance now. She models just like someone with this personality would. She again shows off telling him that she's so into him while running her hands through her hair.

She beckons him in the dance again it starts off like before but she shakes her head in mid-dance and it becomes more like a club-girl dance, it becomes a lot more energetic, bubbly and bouncy. She tries a few different types of dances to get his attention, at some point another shot of gas comes in and makes the transformation complete, making her a very love-struck yet ditzy superhero. She professes her love for him and continues to dance. After a while she is asked who she is, she says she doesn’t care, what is her mission, she answers vapidly twirling her hair “like, what mission” what are your superpowers? She flirts with the camera and says something cheesy like “my body” and does a seductive pose while giggling. She circles the camera acting very excited and full of energy. “Ok, you are free to go.” The camera stands up and backs out of the room, she follows him love struck and flirty until we go to black. 

We cut again to her again showing some time has passed wearing a spy outfit, like the black sports bra, leather skirt, boots, and small leather jacket from your videos. She has been transformed into a spy, and is walking in to infiltrate a building. She stops, shakes her head, and the pheromone starts to wear off. She wonders where she is confused when another gas fills the room and she looks at the camera lovingly and super bubbly, becoming the love struck persona. She confidently walks around him showing off her outfit with a huge smile, and giggles. She moves briefly in a seductive dance and stops saying that he’s seen enough, now is the time for action. Smiling wide she takes him out of the room.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Super Stella stuck in love

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