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  • Invulnerable Stella


STELLA, her hair in a ponytail and wearing long leggings and a normal t-shirt, standing by the table. She’s busy packing a SPORTS BAG with the clothes from "It’s just her job, nothing personal" just sports sneakers instead of boots.

The DOOR flies open and two masked THUGS stand in the frame. They are surprisd to see her there.

THUG 1: Shit, what’s she doing here? There was supposed to be no one here.

THUG 2: Let’s leave. She hasn’t seen us yet.

STELLA closes her GYM BAG, throws it over her shoulder, and looks up to them with a warm and friendly smile.

STELLA Oh, hi. Can I help you?

THUG 1: Damn, now she’s seen us. I guess we’ll have to deal with her.

THUG 2: You mean...

THUG 1 closes the door. STELLA is still smiling friendly and doesn’t seem worried or concerned at all.

STELLA Oh, you wanted to rob me. Guys, I’m really sorry, I was going to be at the gym an hour ago, but now that I’m here, I really can’t let you take anything.

She looks up as if getting an idea in her head.

STELLA (cont’d) But...you know what-- I will let you "deal with me" instead.

She puts the BAG on the table again and just stands there, smiling and relaxed, almost invitingly.

The THUGS look at her, then at each other, confused. Then they walk up to her, but she doesn’t move.

THUG 2: My god, this bith is crazy. Let’s leave her alone, she hasn’t seen our faces.

THUG 1: No, let’s finish her. It’s her fault. She wasn’t supposed to be here.

STELLA You guys look like you know what you’re doing. I think we’ll try a little bit of stuff today. I haven’t had a chance to...test myself in a while. So-- you can start when you’re ready.

She puts her hands on her hips and nods to them, signaling to start punching her.

THUG 1: Wow, thats the easiest we’ve had it so far. I don’t know if you’re drunk or crazy, but it’s going to hurt.

STELLA Now we finally agree on something.

The THUGS look at each other one mor time, and THUG 1 nods, meaning he will do it. Then he inhales an charges with a fast punch into STELLA’s stomach. A loud THUD and a tiny MOVE from STELLA lets us know he’s hit her, but her smiling, warm and friendly face doesn’t change at all.

THUG 1 makes a soft quiet noise telling us the punch has hurt him a little. He looks up at her in disbelief, then to his friend. Then, for about TEN SECONDS, he throws a couple of punches with his right hand, with the same effect. His shout of pain at the end is stronger, he’s hurt a little more.

STELLA Oh, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. But telling you before would have ruined the surprise, right?

THUG 2: What just happened?

THUG 1: That bitch has some armor beneath her t-shirt.

STELLA chuckles as if somebody just told a joke. She takes her GYM BAG and walks to the door.

STELLA Well, I don’t know if you can call it armor. I’m sorry guys, can you wait a minute? I’ll need to change.

SHE opens the door and walks out. The THUGS are baffled.

THUG 2: What is happening?

THUG 1: Felt like she had steel under that shirt. Come on, let’s get what we can take and leave.



The THUGS are looking trouhg the shelves and cupboards, trying to find something valuable. The DOOR opens and STELLA walks in, with open hair, wearing her top and pants from "it’s just her job", together with some sports sneakers. Again, she’s friendly, warm and sincere.


What the-

STELLA Hi again, now you can see I’m not wearing any armor.

The CAMERA moves up from her feet to her head, showing us her outfit.

She walks over to a shelf and picks up two pairs of MMA GLOVES, then gives them to the THUGS.

STELLA Don’t be embarrassed, please put them on. Otherwise you’ll give up early.

The THUGS look at each other, confused.

THUG 1: That bitch is really crazy. Let’s put them on, if she wants. She’ll be k.o. soon anyway.

They put the MMA GLOVES on. STELLA walks into the middle of the room.

STELLA Okay, let’s start. Please let me know when you need a break.

ShE puts her hands into her hips and stands there relaxed and smiling, encouraging them to punch her.

THUG 1 shoves THUG 2 to the side and walks up to her. He takes a heavy strong punch into her abs. Her reaction is the same as before, but he isn’t hurt because of the gloves.

THUG 1: Impossible!

STELLA Good. Keep trying. What do you think the gloves are for?

THUG 1 lands more heavy, strong punches with his right hand for about 15 seconds, during which she just smiles relaxed. Then he steps away, exhausted, and waves over THUG 2 to try.

STELLA (cont’d) Not bad for a first try. (To THUG 2:) Let me make this easier for you.

SHE raises her arms and puts her hands behind her head exposing her stomach.

STELLA Please punch as hard as you can.

THUG 2 walks up, and starts delivering 15 seconds of heavy, strong blows into her abs. They all have no effect on her. Afterwards, he is exhausted as well.

STELLA Okay, that wasn’t bad. Maybe you want to try the face?

SHE puts her hands behind her back and sticks out her neck, nodding at them to try punching her face.

THUG 1 has regained his strength and walks up, delivering 15 seconds of heavy right hand punches to her face. Her face moves slightly to let us konw they hit her, and in between STELLA giggles childishly and amused, telling him "Yes, good, harder, great" in between. After that, THUG 1 is exhausted again. Stella is almost disappointed, but still warm and friendly. She walks up to them and pats them on their back motivatingly.

STELLA I’m sorry guys, I’m really not even flexing. I’m sure you can hurt me if you try harder.

Again she stands in the middle of the room, hands behind her back.

The THUGS catch their breath again and position in front of her. For 30 seconds they take turns screanubg abd niabubgm delivering heavy blows to her abs and face, each time a small movement of STELLA indicates the punches land, but they don’t have any effect at all.

After 30 seconds, both are gain exhausted. STELLA agin seems concerned.

STELLA Oh, I’m so sorry, are you exhausted already?

THUG 1: It’s impossible. What are you?

Stella walks up to a DRAWER in the room.

STELLA I should have told you before. I’m kind of invulnerable. So far I haven’t met anyone who can hurt me. But I’d like to keep trying. Here, let me help you.

She takes out a BASEBALL BAT from the drawer and gives it to one of the thugs.

STELLA (cont’d) I’ve taken it from the last thug who came here. Please just hit me wherever you want.

STELLA again stands in the middle of the room, her arms loose this time.

STELLA Come on, don’t be afarid. I won’t move.

THUG 1 gathers his strength and delivers 15 seconds of heavy blows to her abs. Again as last time, they have zero effect, and only a little movement by STELLA and some sounds let us know he hit her.

THUG 1 is exhausted again and gives the bat to THUG 2.

STELLA (cont’d) Please keep going, I could almost feel that.

THUG 2 delivers 15 seconds of blows to the head, and STELLA is pleasantly surprised by the change. She tells him "great, awesome, good job" in beween the blows, but eventually he is exhausted too.

STELLA looks at them concerned, smiling warmly and calmly.

STELLA I’m really sorry, guys. I know I’m invulnerable, but I really hoped you guys could let me feel pain. You know what, if you want you can leave.

She walks up to the door, and opens it just a few centimeters. Then she puts a finger on the door, stopping it from opening further. She puts her other hand behind her back, then she looks at them encouragingly.

STELLA Come on, I’m not stopping you. But at least let me have a little fun.

The THUGS look at each other, then run to the door. THUG 1 tries to open it, but STELLA’s 1 finger stops him from doing it. He graps the handle with both hands and tries to pull it open with his full strength, and STELLA just smiles at him.

STELLA (cont’d) Sorry, I forgot to tell you I’m also super strong.


THUG 2 comes running, and punches STELLA, who is standing sideways to give him a good angle, into the stomach. For 20 seconds she easly holds the door closed with 1 finger, while THUG 2 desparately screams and punches her abs. THen both of them sink down on the floor.

STELLA goes and pats them both on the back, again smiling friendly.

STELLA Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to anger you. It was a little joke. Now let’s make things a little more fair.

She walks to the cupboard and pulls out a small bottle with a GREEN LIQUID.

STELLA (cont’d) This is an extreme strength serum which was developed with my blood. One drop of it will make you ten times stronger than you are. Here, why don’t you have some?

She takes one drop out of it and puts it in a glass. She gives it to THUG 1 who drinks it. Afte a while, we see him feeling the strength and energy. HE looks around and finds THUG 2 slowl getting up. HE walks over to him and takes a heavy Punch into his stomach. The earth shakes a little (maybe 30 percent of your effect in Juggernaut Eriny) and THUG 2 screams out, and immediately sinks to the floor unconscious.

THUG 1 turns to STELLA, who smiles confidently and happily.

STELLA (cont’d) Wow, it really seems to work. Now let me see what you got.

Relaxed, she opens her arms to invite him to punch her. THUG 1 smiles confidently and laughs at her. HE delivers a hard right blow into her abs. THe earth shakes again as before, but STELLA again isn’t affected at all. THUG 1 punches for 20 seconds again into her stomach, screaming in anger, and STELLA keeps standing there happy and unharmed.

AFTER, THUG 1 just stands before her, exhausted and out of options.

STELLA walks back to the BOTTLE and takes it to THUG 1. She seems slightly annoyed.

STELLA (cont’d) Okay, if you really can’t do it otherwise, I’ll give you the whole thing. This will give you the strength of more than 1000 men.

THUG 1 drinks the whole bottle. We hear rumbling and his energy increasing. He looks at his body in awe as he feels like the most powerful man on the planet.

STELLA seems very excited and happy to see him this strong. She’s still friendly and calm.

STELLA (cont’d) Wow, this really worked. I think I haven’t met anybody this strong so far. I hope I can finally feel something.

She puts her hands behind her back again, awaiting for him to start.

THUG 1: You are done. I have never felt this power.

He walk up to her, and takes time to charge his punch. HE breathes in, exhales and with a scream he delives a massive, giant punch into her abs that makes the earth shake. THe enormous sound and effect lasts for a second or two (like in Juggernaut Eriny), but we see Stella smiling, not feeling anything.

STELLA Oh, that was a joke, right? Was that the strength of 1000 men? Please, try again as hard as you can.

She raises her arms and puts her hands behind her head, exposing her abs and face again.

THUG 1 screams in anger and for 30 seconds delivers slow, heavy blows to abs and face, all to no effect other than earth-shaking and loud sounds and screams. Afterwards, he stands before her shaking his head in shock.

STELLA (cont’d) WEll, I don’t really see what else I could do. I’m really sorry it didn’t work, maybe we can work on the formula and make the next one even stronger.

She pats the exhausted and desperate THUG on the back.

STELLA (cont’d) Thank you for trying, really. But now I have to go to the gym.

She slowly raises her hand before his forehead, his eyes follow her hand. Then she casually snips his forehead with her index finger, we hear a loud sound, and he is thrown back as if taking a giant punch, landing k.o. on the floor. Stella looks down at him, then up into the camera, smiles, and flexes one arm.


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Invulnerable Stella

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