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  • Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet. Part II

Here is my next script already. It's quite like my Dealing with the bad guys scripts. I'd really like Sasha to be in it again, bare foot and in the same bikini as my last clip if possible. If you can get the same male model as last time then that would be great, as he was really good too, but if not that doesn't matter. 

The basic premise is that Sasha is going to put a gang of criminals out of action. The gang can all be played by the same man in a balaclava. She learns that they have taken some drugs to stop them feeling pain. Sasha knows that a side-effect of this drug is that anyone who takes it is very ticklish and falls unconscious after being tickled.

Fight 1

Sasha looks round a door and sees a guard inside with a rifle over his shoulder. She smiles confidently. She has a baseball bat and a pot of glue. She quickly paints glue on both ends of the bat. She holds the bat in the middle and walks confidently up to the guard, saying "Hey, this is for you!" She gives him the bat so that he takes the sticky ends in both of his hands. She steps back and giggles as he realises that he can't put the bat down and now his hands are useless.

Sasha  punches him  on the nose. It has no effect at all. He laughs at her. She says 'So you have taken the invincible drug? You feel no pain?" He nods. She says "You know there is a side effect, don't you?" The guard shakes his head. "It makes you very ticklish" she says with a smile. Then she starts to wiggle her fingers at the guard as if she is going to tickle him (please have a shot from the guard's point of view). The guard looks frightened now and tries to run away but Sasha catches him easily and starts to tickle him from behind. I loved the tickle scene in my last video (as below) so please film like this. The guard keeps running but soon his overcome by the tickling and collapses the floor. After a little more tickling (about 1 minute in total) he is unconscious. Sasha celebrate her victory, then moves on to find the next guard.

Fight 2

Sasha finds the next bad guy practicing boxing, ideally with boxing gloves on. She walks in confidently and takes up a boxing stance facing him. She says cheerfully "Want to dance?" The guard is enraged and starts swinging at her. Sasha easily ducks five or six punches, laughing and taunting him as in the shot below. 

He says "I will hit you eventually and you can't hurt me!" Sasha smiles and says "We'll see", as she wiggles her fingers at him, showing him she plans to tickle him. This makes the bad guy even more angry and he swings more wildly at her, Sasha still dodges easily.

Sasha say "Hey look behind you!" and points behind him. The bad guy falls for this trick and turns round. Sasha giggles and jumps on his back. He tries to shake her off, but can't and Sasha giggles and teases him, enjoying the ride. While she is on his back, Sasha turns his balaclava round, as below, so the he cannot see. She jumps off.

The bad guy tries to turn his mask round but he can't because of his boxing gloves. So he tries to hit Sasha even though he can't see. Sasha teases him, standing next to a wall, calling "hey, over here", and then moving quietly away on her bare feet, as below. The bad guy punches thin air or hits the wall, while Sasha laughs at him.  She repeats this trick 4 or 5 times. Then she quietly starts to follow the guard around while he punches wildly hoping to hit her. Suddenly she says "tickle time!" and starts to tickle his sides. After a minute's tickling the bad guys falls unconscious and Sasha mocks him by throwing some punches like a boxer over his body. Then she leaves to find the next guard.

Fight 3

In the next room Sasha finds another guard practicing karate. Sasha stands in front of him in a karate pose and beckons him to attack her. He tries to hit and kick her several times but she ducks and blocks, taunting him "Come and get me!" etc, with a smile on her face. The guard soon pauses for breath. Casey smiles and wiggles her fingers at him and grins mischievously, saying "I know your weakness..."

The guard attacks with punches again. She blocks him. Once she has found an opening, she tickles him with her fingers. He laughs and retreats and Sasha beckons him to attack again. He attacks and she blocks him again and tickles him and lets him retreat. This repeats a few more times until he collapses on the floor. 

Sasha laughs at him and sits down on a chair, taunting the guard to get up and fight more. The guard comes to fight again, standing in front of her in a karate pose. She stays seated but raises both her feet in a mock karate pose and says "Want to try again? Go on..." Please film this from the perspective below, which will show Sasha's face and soles.

or from the point of view of the guard:

But NOT from Sasha's point of view:

The guard attacks with punches but Sasha moves her feet to dodge his punches. After a while she slips her feet under his arms and tickles him with her toes as below. He laughs and falls to the floor.  Sasha keeps tickling him until he falls unconscious. Then she leaves, bowing like a karate fighter to him before she goes.

Fight 4. 

Sasha comes into a room where a swordsman is practicing. He sees her and threatens her with sword. She laughs at him. She sees a feather duster behind the guard. She easily dodges passed him and picks up the duster. She poses like a fencer, smiles mockingly at the guard and says "On guard!" She uses the duster as a sword and beats the guard back. She tickles him in different places including under both arms and his tummy. Then she backs off, letting him attack her, but she easily beats him at sword fighting and then tickles him again. Please film from the angle shown below (but I'd like Sasha to smile more than Casey did).

Sasha kneels down and tickles the guard behind his knees. This makes the guard fall to his knees. Sasha gets up and runs rings round him, tickling him in different places. The guard is laughing too much to get up. Casey pushes him over with her foot and takes his sword away. He tries to get up but she tickles him again until he loses consciousness.

Fight 5

The next guard is holding a rope. He says to Sasha "I will tie your hands and stop your tickling!" Sasha laughs at him and mockingly puts her hands above her head, inviting him to tie them. As he reaches up with the rope to tie her, she quickly reaches down and tickles his stomach and sides, so he can't tie her. She does this a few times. Then she tickles him more, until he drops the rope. She puts her foot on the rope. He tries to get it back but he can't move her. Sasha puts her arms up again, taunting him to tie her up while he struggles to take the rope.

Then she sits down with him and takes the rope. He tries to take it from her but she tickles him to keep him under control. Sasha now starts to tie him up while she tickles him. Once he is tied up she stands up and looks at him. She feigns to go to tickle him a few times and he jumps each time. Then she blows him a kiss and leaves, victorious.

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Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet. Part II

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