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  • Stella is a witch

Actress: Stella, wearing black mini-dress, black make-up (but not too much - beautiful, not scary)

Actors: 3 guys, wearing normal everyday clothes, no masks or baclavas, please.

Spoken language: Russian, if that’s okay? 

Special effects: some scenes will require filming/camera cuts and creative use of darkness

Video length: 17 minutes total - but please change this if you feel some scenes need more or less time

Script overview: a sexy horror video. Stella is a beautiful witch who kidnaps helpless, terrified men.

Scene 1 (approx 1.5 minute)

The three guys are roommates. They spend time in their flat, reading something casual (comic books or a newspaper?), having a friendly discussion or some sort of jokes, playing with mobile phones, maybe watching TV or something on a laptop.

Stella walks into their flat unnoticed. She moves in a sexy, confident manner, smiling mysteriously. She doesn’t make a sound and the guys aren’t even aware she’s in their flat. They’re busy playing/reading/chatting/watching TV and they don’t notice the intruder.

Stella abducts the first man. She approaches him from behind, embraces him gently but with superhuman strength and covers his mouth with her hand. The guy is terrified and tries to defend himself, but he’s utterly helpless. Stella whispers sexily to his ear things like “don’t be afraid”, “you’re mine now”, “I’ll take you to my place”, while she pulls him away and out of the flat.

The remaining two guys don’t even notice this. When Stella is gone, they realise their friend is missing. But they think he must have just gone out smoking or something like this. 

Scene 2 (approx 1 minute):

The remaining two guys are still enjoying their evening, when Stella appears in their flat again. Just like last time, they don’t notice her. She walks without making a sound, she smiles mysteriously. She’s like a sexy predator who has her prey trapped and completely unaware.

The two guys are discussing something and one of them wants to show the other something on his phone or laptop (or something like this). When he’s busy, Stella abducts his friend (who stands right next to him) - again by approaching him from behind and covering his mouth with her hand to ensure he doesn’t make a sound. She pulls the terrified man away and out of the apartment. His friend is still in the middle of the conversation and suddenly he realises the other guy is gone! He’s really surprised and frightened. 

The remaining guy leaves the flat and begins searching for his friends.

Scene 3 (approx 3 minutes):

The guy is walking through a building, checking rooms and corridors, searching for his friends. Sometimes he’ll shout his names, but generally he’s too scared.

He finds them in a dark room, standing straight, hypnotized, immobilized, unresponsive. Both men are like statues. Each is facing an opposite wall. 

The third guy approaches them, talks to them, tries to wake them up - but his friends are completely under the witch’s spell. 

And then Stella walks into the room, graceful, sexy, confident. She walks toward the third guy, who tries to keep away from her, tries to run away. She follows him, but doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry - she enjoys this cat & mouse play. So she walks in a relaxed manner, smiling, observing her victim as he tries to run away.

The third guy escapes into the corridor and starts running away through the building, through a labyrinth of corridors and rooms. Stella follows him, stalks him. Even though he’s running with panicked speed and she’s just walking sexily, the guy doesn’t seem to be able to escape. When he thinks he’s managed to run away - boom, he runs straight into her! Stella is like a brick wall. 

The guy gets up and runs away again, tries to find a different route through the maze, but the scary witch seems to be waiting for him (smiling, sometimes whispering to him things like “you’re mine, you can’t escape”, sometimes standing with one of his friends in a headlock) everywhere he goes. The guy keeps running away. Eventually he again runs straight into her by mistake and bounces off her. Stella helps him up, grabs his hand and drags him back to the room with his two friends. She’s superstrong, so she doesn’t even have to try hard to control him. 

Once they’re back in the dark room where the remaining victims are standing, Stella leads the third guy to the third wall, whispers to his ear a magic spell, snaps her fingers in front of his face and now he’s hypnotised too. Three men are standing straight, paralyzed, facing their walls. 

Stella smiles, delighted and relaxed. She might do a slow, sensual, relaxed stretch or something like this at this point? She has won. The light goes off and everything disappears in the dark.

Scene 4 (approx 1.5 minute):

The three guys are sitting in their room, exactly in the same positions as at the beginning of the clip, doing exactly the same activities. But this time they’re confused. They’re not sure what to believe. Has something just happened? Were they day-dreaming? Their frightened discussion is short and doesn’t go far.

Suddenly the light goes off and everything becomes dark.

When the light comes back on, it’s a completely different scene. Stella is in the room and he holds all three men in her grip - two guys in headlocks and the third guy in standing headscissors. The three guys are yelling and choking and begging for mercy, waving their arms and helplessly trying to break free. Stella only smiles triumphantly. She tightens the grip until the first guy stops moving. The remaining two notice this and double their efforts to break free - but they’re completely helpless. Soon after, the second guy loses consciousness. The third one is absolutely terrified. He also falls asleep. Stella lets their bodies collapse on the floor at the same time.

The light goes off and everything disappears in the dark again.

Scene 5 (approx 1.5 minute):

The three guys are again sitting in their room, with their comic books, laptops, phones or whatever. Again, they’re confused and not sure whether they’re hallucinating. They’re quite scared but not sure what to do. They talk with frightened voices, looking around.

Then the light goes off.

The camera then shows us a completely different scene. The three guys are kneeling on the floor, each of them facing the same direction. They’re under the magic spell again - they can’t move. Stella stands in front of them, hands on hips, staring down her victims with amusement. She approaches the first guy, puts his head and neck between her thighs and crushes his neck in standing headscissors. The guy collapses on the floor, between her legs.

Stella then approaches the second guy and does exactly the same to him. It’s like an execution. Neither of the victims can do anything to defend themselves. They’re hypnotised.

In the end, Stella walks over to the third kneeling guy, puts him in standing headscissors too and also crushes his neck and lets him collapse on the floor.

The light goes off again.

Scene 6 (approx 1 minute):

The guys are sitting in their room again, as if nothing happened. But this time they’re seriously scared. Something terrifying is going on, but they don’t understand how it’s possible!

The light goes off, then back on.

Stella is lying on the floor, smiling gently at her three victims. All three guys are trapped in her headscissors - their heads and necks getting slowly crushed between her legs. The men thrash feebly and try to free themselves from the superstrong grip of Stella’s legs, but eventually they lose consciousness and stop moving.

Scene 7 (approx 3 minutes):

The three guys are back in their room, again. Absolutely frightened, they get up from their seats, start walking around the room panicking, they look around, searching for the witch, searching for some way to defend or save themselves.

Stella enters the room without making a sound and without anyone noticing her - the guys were busy discussing what one of them thinks is a form of hypnosis or some other occult thing. One of them remembers standing in front of the wall, not being able to move. He’s frightened and he’s trying to explain to the other two guys what he remembers, so they’re all looking at one of the walls.

Meanwhile, Stella approaches the guys from behind, embraces two of them from behind and covers their mouths with her hands. The victims immediately realise the witch is here again and they’ve been caught again - they try to resist her, but are helpless. 

The third guy then looks back at them and realises the witch is here and has captured his friends again. Stella smiles at him with sympathy, then gives him a high kick to the face, sending him to the floor. She releases the two other captives and gives one of them a backhand slap in the face - he falls on the ground. The third guy tries to attack her and gets backhand slapped in the face too, which also sends him on the floor. 

The witch is having a bit of fun now. She plays with her three victims, grabbing one of them in a headlock whilst giggling and high-kicking in the face the two others. It’s a random chaos of bearhugs, headlocks, backhand face slaps, foot-to-throat wall pins and high kicks. All the victims are trying to get away from her but she’s always able to do whatever she wants to them, like a cat with three panicked mice that have nowhere to run away. 

Scene 8 (approx 4.5 minutes):

Eventually she grabs one of the frightened men by his wrist and drags him to a chair, where she sits down and lies him down on her lap, face down. She proceeds to spank him, while glancing at the two others triumphantly, dominatingly. The spanked guy screams from pain and begs for mercy. The remaining two guys try to help him but Stella is way too strong - she keeps spanking her victim regardless of his friends trying to help him. She keeps whispering to the spanked man: “don’t scream that much, save your strength for later” and “poor little mouse, does it really hurt this much?” She backhand slaps one of the other men, when he tries to interfere too much. She also keeps talking with the remaining two men during the spanking, telling them it’s going to be their turn next, they should better prepare, etc.

The witch the throws the first victim off her lap, stands up, slowly and sexily chases the remaining men, corners them and grabs the second guy by the wrist. She drags him to the chair and proceeds to spank him. The third guy meanwhile tries to run away, but Stella snaps her fingers reactivating her hypnosis spell and the guy realises he’s unable to leave the room. Stella smiles at him and asks him to be patient: “It’s going to be your turn in a moment, honey” - she tells him, while still spanking his friend. 

Once she’s done with the second guy, Stella throws him off her lap and walks towards the third, cowering victim. The guy tries to get away from here, but gets easily cornered by a slowly moving, dominant woman. Stella grabs his wrist, drags him to the chair, puts him on her lap and spanks him too.

Then she smiles, delighted, snaps her fingers - and that’s the end of the video.

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Stella is a witch

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