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Sasha was captured by a famous maniac who loves to play brutal "game" with beautiful girls.

She woke up in a room , sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back.

Suddenly she hears the maniac's voice coming from the wall: "To get the freedom from ropes that bind you, you have to defeat 3 ruthless criminals!"

Sasha accepts the challenge even though she knows she can't use her hands.

The first criminal arrives. She gets up and the criminal tries immediately to hit her with two punches to her head but Sasha dodges them and hits him with an headbutt in the face that forces him to fall on the ground. After that she places her foot on his neck and after a series of insults, she breaks it. The first criminal was easily defeated.(2 mins)

Shortly after, the second criminal arrives with a chain in his hand.

This time it's Sasha who starts attacking him with a series of kicks and an headbutt in the stomach.

After a bit of struggle, her attacker manages to take her by the neck with the chain from behind but Sasha manages to knock him out with a series of 3 back headbutt (with the back part of his head) that make him fall unconscious to the ground. Even the second criminal is gone.(4 mins)

Sasha sits back in the chair and the third criminal arrives with a gun.

he stands in front of her and points his gun at her head. After having exchanged a series of words. she (from sitting) hits him with a kick in the balls and forces him to bend. At this point , still sitting, she hits him with a powerful headbutt and the painful criminal falls to his knees, and loses his gun.

Sasha gets up and takes his head between her legs and squeezes as tightly as possible until he loses consciousness.

After the defeat of the third criminal , the voice of the maniac returns: " Congratulation girl, you've earned your freedom" and as if by magic the ropes that bound her hands disappear.

Finally Sasha can escape from that place , but the third criminal gets back staggering and stands in front of her and it's at that point that Sasha with a final single headbutt puts him permanently KO.(4 mins)

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Sasha can win your game

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