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  • Stella was chosen as a Master for the karate course

The story takes place in one of the biggest gyms in the city where there are 4 karate senseis, three men and a woman: Stella.

Stella is the teacher of all the female courses while the other 3 teach to the male courses of various levels and ages.

The three men are all black belts, one III dan, one V dan and one VII dan while Stella is a red belt. Stella is really skill and she has an innate and natural skill in combat but she couldn't have an higher belt because it needs a lot of years to increase the personal degree and not only the skill.

Recently the owner of the gym who is considered an unbeatable sensei wanted to introduce a new course in the gym, a training course for black belts of higher level who want to further improve themselves. The owner has been for many years the teacher of the gym but actually he prefers only to partecipate to a  competitive tournament or he fights only for passion.

To propose the course it needs naturally a high level sensei to have the lessons of the course interesting, for this reason he initially thought to do himself the lessons  but then he decided to have some personal interview with the senseis of the gym to test the level of their skills. Considering the excellent ability of the senseis he has decided to assign the course to one of them: Stella.

The other 3 senseis were disappointed and disconcerted by the choice and they can't understand such a stupid choice. First of all she is a woman and then she is the only one of the four senseis that is not a black belt.

The custom starts with Stella who is entering in the gym. She has already finished her lesson and is ready to go out. In the gym there are the three sensei talking about choise of the owner about the new course. They are really disappointed and They want to discuss with her.

When she enters the three call her and ask to talk with her.

Stella imagines the topic and remain to hear what the sensei want.

The best fighter of the three (the VI dan) takes the word first and says that is stupid that for the role of master for the higher level course was chosen Stella. First of all, It's clear that a woman of the same level to man can't compete with him,  even more if she isn't  even black belt !!! The man supposes that she has had the role not for her skill in karate but probably for other types of performance. 

This thing makes Stella angry because their professionalism and integrity are questioned.

Stella responds that they must have respect for her and stop insulting her and that the concept of male superiority is a concept of 50 years ago and only the obtuse machoists can think of such a thing. In addition, she affirms tha is not so obvious that the more adapte for the role must be the best ranking belt. The three men laught loudly, is it possible that Stella is so naive to think she could compete with any of them?

Do you really believe you can beat anyone of us ??? It's impossible, a woman can not beat any of our level and certainly you can't do it.

And who says it ?? Anyone of you want to try ???

Ahahah this is ridiculous, we don't want to hurt you.

Ahahaha you do not want to hurt me, I think you're afraid!!!

Then they decide to give her a lesson and the boss turns to the III dan's man and orders him to give her a lesson.

The first one comes on the tatami and says her: you wanted that !!

Stella take off the shoes and enters on the tatami.

And she: come on.

The challenge begins but is a one-sided match in favour of Stella. In fact, Stella is faster, skiller, more precise and perhaps even stronger. The man isn't passive and tries to attack but his attacks are either dodged or blocked and the reactions are always punctual and peremptory. After a while, man is increasingly in trouble and struggling more and more to restart the fight because he doesn't want to give up. During the challenge Stella forces the man to a various humiliating tap out. The two sensei who are looking, above all at first they encourage their friend; he can't lose by a woman, she is only a red belt, he can't lose by her. But the real problem is that he is already giving his best.

When the man is struggling to get up is Stella who helps him to get up and she asks him if he wants to continue. Naturally he continues proudly until the moment she sees that the man doesn't have any more energy to fight and she advises him to stop if he doesn't want to end badly.

Now Stella turns to the other 2 and asks them if they still think that a woman can't beat a black belt man but the two still think that it's ridiculous. The second man is ready to fight and he's sure of his strenght but Stella is too skill also for him and as before she gradually takes over. Stella varies her shots using above all kicks of all kind (high kicks, lateral kicks, round kicks, etc) some judo projections, punches and some holds. Her superiority is almost overflowing and as before she forces the man to some desperate tap out. The man is increasingly in difficult instead the man who is watching he shakes his head, he can't believe to his eyes. He is a sixth DAN man and he isn't certainly worried but he didn't expect so much skill in a woman.

When the second man is almost out of combat Stella advises him to rest and helps him get out of the center of the tatami saying him to not worry because he was very good and he fought very well.

Now it's the time of the last sensei and Stella turns to him and asks him: are you sure you want to fight? The man comes on the tatami threatening and saying she has had lucky with his friends but with him she hasn't any chance!!! I am much stronger than them and I will give you the lesson  you deserve. I am a black belt man sixth dan and you are only a weak red belt woman . I ask you, are you sure you want to challenge me??

Ahahah I can't wait, I love challenges.

The challenge begins and as with the other opponents Stella attacks and counterattacks with decision. The man tries to hit her but Stella either stop or dodges the hits. Her kicks are precise and also powerful. After knocking down the man 4 - 5 times he pulls himself up and he looks at her and says: this is impossible. The other two men in the fight with the boss for the place have resisted 5 and 7 minutes instead of me over 15. It is not possible you can beat me. For this reason he gets up even more decisively than before.

Let's see what you can do, Stella says, but the challenge have the same develop than before. The two men out of the tatami meanwhile have recovered their strenght and do not believe to their eyes. When they understand that even for the strongest of them there is any chance to win, one of them approaches the fighter and passes him an iron bar (or something different you could have like a stick, a knife, etc.) to beat up Stella. Now there aren't any rules in the combact, the only aim is to see the woman succumb.

Now the man must use the last energies invigorated by the presence of the iron bar.

Stella smiles, she loves the challenges and she reads the fear of losing in the eyes of the man. She lets him attack, stops the attack, disarms him and knock down him. Then she lets him retrieve the weapon and she repeats the knockdown again. This time it is Stella who takes the weapon and then give it to the man urging him to do more, the man tries again but this time she disarms him and then with a  great series of precise and powerful kicks puts him knocked out. The man is still conscious but can not get up, the other two then approach him to help him get up. Stella thinks that everything is over and says ok boys it has been a good training. I advise you to not underestimate women in the future, it could be very dangerous for you, as you have seen we are not always the weaker sex. Ahhhh I give you an information I want to inform you that the boss choose me for just one reason, not because I resisted him more or less than you but because I'm the only one who beated him, that's the reason he gave me the level course higher.

The three men can not believe it but they are really pissed off and eager to make her pay and talk among themselves, they shake themself and stand up, they are ready for a new match. While Stella is going  away, after wearing her shoes,  they call her back. They say: Now you've just got annoyed if you have courage, come back and face us together and we'll make you pay.

Stella is surprised and stimulated. Ohhhh very interesting. Of course she accepts. She come back in the tatami taking off her shoes

The men start to attack hardly but Stella can control their fury and  she knock down them ripetively, some of them sometimes try to use the iron but it's all useless.

In the end the three decide to attack together, now they are almost afraid and disoriented, Stella lets them approach and hits them with a series of roundhouse kicks hitting ripetitevely all three simoultaneously. The three are now on the floor and Stella decides to end them in various humiliating ways (photo 1 and 2 and for the third knock out you can choise another way).

When it's all over Stella comments, will you wonder why I'm only red? The reason is that I've been practicing karate for less than two years while you've been doing it for at least 15 years and fortunately the men are the stronger sex haha. Then she wear her shoes and she go away leaving the senseis on the ground.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Stella was chosen as a Master for the karate course

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