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  • Eriny got beaten in the stomach

Plot: Eriny is in a room standing confident (hands on hips like the photo). A guy approach her. She turns to him. He is ready to fight Guy: You are the strong girl who beat all my men. I will brake you Eriny: I dont understand. Are you brave or dumb? – (Then she looks her abdomen) Cmon go ahead The guy prepares his fist and punches her right in the abdomen. Nothing happens. Eriny smile. The guy is shock Eriny: Do you want to try again? The guy get serious and tries again. Bum! Nothing happens. The guy doesnt understand. Eriny: Now i get it. You are dumb Eriny ko the guy with a slap. Eriny laugh again. She cant see it but the guy eat somekind of pill ( Or candy It doesnt matter) while he is in the floor. Then he gets up.

Guy: One more time… Eriny shows her abdomen again. Confident. Hand on her hips.  The guys prepares and BOOOM! A strong punch who makes Eriny scream in agony. She never felt that kind of pain. Her body lean foward. She doesnt go to the floor. She only get backwards some steps. She is in shock but she tries to hide her agony. The guy is the one who laughs now. Guy: Again? Eriny with some difficulties stands again. Hands on hip. But she is not laughing anymore. She cant hide that she is scare. BUUMM! Another big punch in the middle of her abdomen. She screams out loud. Make an effort to not go down but end falling on her knees. She grabs her stomach in pain. Then she get up. And again hands on her hips and showing her abdomen Guy: I dont understand. Are you brave or dumb? The guy grab Eriny stomach with one of his hand. Is a strong belly claw. He sinks her fingers in the middle of her abdomen for almost 30 seconds. Then pushes her with the same hand to the Wall and start to punch her in her abdomen. Several punches. She is a punching bag. In the last couple of punches the guy sinks his fist in her stomach for a few seconds. Then he ko her with a powerfull punch. The girls goes to the floor.  The guy doesnt stop. Goes to eriny and start to punch her in her abdomen in the floor. Several times. Again in the last couple of punches he sinks his fists into her stomach for  a few seconds. Eriny: Please stop. You win. You brake me Guy: no… GRAB! A strong belly claw to Eriny stomach. The guy grabs her abdomen for almost a minute but for her seems eternal. The girl screams in agony. When it ends… Guy: Now you are brake… Eriny is almost crying. Then she grabs her stomach in fetal position. The guy smiles and gets up. When he is leaving we see Eriny getting up. The guy doesnt seems to notice. Eriny is getting closer to him. Then she throws a punch and… The guy turns a grabs the girl fist into his hand. Eriny is surprise.  Guy: Now i get it. You are dumb. The guy punchs her right on her face. The girl spins. Then he punches her a couple of time in her back. Right on her spine. Then the guy throw her again to the Wall. The guy is ready to destroy her. Eriny: Please not my stomach. I cant take it… 

The guy smiles and start to punish her stomach again. Several punches. The most powerfull ones ever. Eriny doesnt defend herself in anyway. Her arms doesnt move.  She is conscious but she is resigned. She cant beat him. He ends with a superpunch who makes her body lean foward. His fists sinks in her stomach for several seconds. The girl sits on the floor in agony. She has her back on the Wall. Eriny: Please stop. My stomach is destroyed. You win. I am defeated Guy: Did you stop with my men? Did you?? The girl know the answer and doesnt say anything. He starts to punch her abdomen again while she is sitting  Then he grabs each side of her abdomen and crush her body as the picture below for 20 seconds   Then he ends her with a classic belly claw in the middle of the abdomen. Eriny screams in agony. It lasts almost a minute. The video fades to black while he is sinking his fingers in the middle of her stomach and she is crying in agony.  

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny got beaten in the stomach

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