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  • Eriny Quinn

The city mayor has transferred to Joker from his madhouse to a prison, the Dra, Eriny Harlem has learned this via newspaper and she begin to have an emotional disorder cause to it, then Dra. Eriny Harlem finds a gift Joker has given her time ago, this gift contains a mysterious costume, the Dra Eriny Harlem put it on her and took a new identity Harley Quinn Eriny, now she wants to revenge city mayor who have moved Joker to a prison. Harley Quinn Eriny doesn't know where to find the mayor, but she knows that mayor has twin brother "Bundy" who is the wrestler champion. So she will get the information from him and she is going to eliminate everyone who tries to protect the mayor.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny Quinn

  • Brand: ERINY
  • Product Length: 43 minutes
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