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  • Super Eriny demonstrates her power to her ex-boyfriend

I love Eriny the most out of your current cast of actresses.    Here’s some of the details that I was thinking about.   If a guy actor is required to play me, that’s fine.

1.      You’re my girlfriend and you’ve just recently discovered you have superhuman strength.

2.      You’re tired of me and you want to break up with me.

3.      Because of your newfound strength, you think it would be fun to humiliate me by performing feats of strength.

4.      Slowly bend a steel bar to show me how strong you are (a bending sound effect would be nice bonus if you can do it)

5.      Squeeze and crush my hand (just because you can) and force me to my knees (crushing  sounds and a man screaming in pain would also be nice if possible)

6.      While you’re crushing my hand, have me grovel at your feet and demand that I kiss them

7.      Grab my head with 2 hands and squeeze it to the point of my eyeballs nearly popping out while taunting me and asking me to beg for your mercy…..maybe you could even bring my head down so that my eyes are level with your boobs and then squeeze even harder when you catch me staring at them (a crushing sound and maybe the sound of a man screaming in pain would be nice if possible)

8.      And please address me directly using my first name (if possible) and taunt me the whole time making me realize how pathetic and weak I am and that there’s no one who can stop you considering that you’re strong enough to fold a bus in half with your bare hands. 

9.      And at the very end, lift me off the ground with one hand and watch me struggle for breaths of air as you slowly squeeze the wind out of my body until I pass out leaving me alive but humiliated.

10.  I’m a sucker for high heels and short skirts  (with either no nylons or skin colored nylons) so if you have a super heroine costume that fits the scenario, that would be perfect…….otherwise, surprise me J

The storyline isn’t as important to me as the feats of strength are.

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Super Eriny demonstrates her power to her ex-boyfriend

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