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  • Sasha demonstrates her strength

Script would focus on Sasha being super, super strong. She can be cocky and teasing the male who would be attempting to rob her not knowing about her super strength. 

Sasha can be in skin tight catsuit (latex/wet look) and emphasis on her strength by showing off with the first of 2 throat/chin lifts. POV and feet dangling. She’d toy with him by telling him how easy it was to hold him up with 1 hand and maybe smile, laugh and/or bite her lower lip (approximately 2 minutes).

She’d then slowly set him down as he rubs his throat/chin and asks “How’d you do that?!”. She’d reply “so easily” as she stands with her hands on hips in her catsuit. She then flexes her bicep and looks at him and says “you have no idea how strong I am”. She picks up a steel bar/pipe and holds it in front of his face. She bites her lower lip as she slowly and easily begins to bend the bar. He looks at her stunned and in awe as she starts to smile. (Bending sound effects). As the 2 ends of the bar slowly meet (like a an upside down U), she drops the bent steel at his feet and says “that was too easy” and giggles. (approximately 2.5 minutes)

He tries punching her stomach with no effect as she stands hands on her hips. She yawns and laughs. She says “I just held you up off the ground with 1 hand and easily bent steel. You think YOU can hurt me?” The camera scans her body from bare feet up to her smiling face to highlight the catsuit and how good it looks on her. As he shakes off his hurt hand from hitting her steel body she steps in to grab his throat/chin again with 1 hand as her other hand stays on her hip. She says “I love the sound this suit makes when it stretches over my muscles as I lift you” as she gives a cocky smile and slowly begins to lift him up again. He tries using both of his hands to break her hold but she just looks up at him and says “you can’t break me, but I can easily break you”. We see his feet dangling by her calves. He struggles to breathe and say “you’re so strong, please put me down”. She lowers him slightly but his feet are still few inches from the ground. She says “how cute it is for you to beg” as he drops to the floor at her feet. (approximately 3 minutes)

The last 2-3 minutes can be super strong Sasha in workout clothes (sports bra and spandex shorts) alone in a room with a POV directed to the camera as if she’s talking to me. She says “hopefully what I did to that little robber didn’t scare you too much. I just get carried away having fun showing off my super strength”. She has her hands on her hips and then asks me “are you impressed?” as she flexes her biceps and says “bending the steel was too easy” and smiles. “Or maybe you didn’t get to see my legs in that catsuit” and then she flexes her thighs/legs and playfully punches them and says “yeah, they’re hard as steel”. Then have her stand with her back to the camera and look back over her shoulder as she stands on her tip toes to flex calves. She’d look down at her calves and butt and then back at the camera with a cocky smile and say “yeah, I think you’re impressed now”....

The main focus is Sasha showing off/taunting/teasing her super strength and her attitude.

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Sasha demonstrates her strength

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