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So, I figure, let's do a new one!  I figure, Casey would do a great job playing Black Canary, in the outfit, that Lora used.

It could be a remake of "part 3" perhaps, with some variation.  If it is still warm enough, perhaps start outside somewhere.  Two thugs, say.  

Black Canary comes up to them "I demand to talk to your boss.  I know he is inside."  The thugs laugh at that.  Black Canary: "Let me in, or I will use force!".  One thug: "Oh yeah?  Try us!".  Black Canary: "You asked for it!".  She beats them up, gets inside.

Inside, she meets four guards.  They fight.  She starts giving them handicaps, to make it more interesting.  Eventually a fifth guy comes in and overwhelms her, though or perhaps the four just manage to get the upper hand.

She awakes from being out.  She is tied up ... could be tied up to a chair, or tied up by her hands above her head.  The latter probably works better.  She says: "You will tell me where you hide the money from the drug deal, or I will beat you up!".  The thugs laugh: "Haha, you are tied up!  We are four men!  You are just a girl!  We will beat you up!".  One punches her.  Black Canary: "That's it? Was that meant to hurt me?  Try again, try harder! " They try beating her up, she DOES show some reaction, but she keeps being brave and tough and cocky, smiling through it all. Eventually, she somehow manages to beat them up and free herself, while the thugs flee to the final room with the boss.

The boss is there with the suitcase full of cash and four of his thugs. 

She walks in, demands the cash, and demands that the gang flees.  They fight, perhaps a few times.  She wins, takes the cash suitcase and takes off.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Black Canary Casey

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