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  • Flying Goddess Stella

Scene 1:

Stella wears socks and Wear shoes(Close-up shot),Go out with her satchel.Two people (A, B) play cell phones on the sofa.A heard someone knocking on the door to open the door.Stella at the door,Smile and ask "if I can come in".After entering the room, Stella sat on the sofa.A: "who are you?"Stella said with a smile, "I am a student.I want to play with you."A and B laugh,They sat on both sides of the sofa, Stella sitting in the middle.They began to stroke Stella's thigh, face and hair.When A's hand goes into the skirt,Stella grabbed his hand and said"Do not touch here, you will be finished." Stella on the sofa.Stella touched he forehead lightly with one finger(There is only one touch).Stella:"You are finished. There are 15 seconds left.",he doesn't believe it. Stand up and check his body.Stella looked at him with a smile(No action).Suddenly he was stiff.The head exploded and fell down.

B was frightened,Kneeling down and holding Stella leg, he asked to let him go.Stella said, "take off my shoes for me."B take off Stella's shoes.Stella sits on the sofa ,cross legged,and  was holding her chin in one hand. Stella say:"You're going to be finished, too",Then she buried her head and began to tidy up her socks.B took a dagger and rushed to Stella.She looked up, an angry look (no special effect).Then B was pushed to the ground by invisible force.Stella walked slowly over and put a foot on B's neck.B struggled to hit STELLA's leg with a dagger.But the legs are hard and no harm.Stella said "it's over."And then smile.Touch lightly with her toes on the head of B(There is only one touch.)Then she turned back to the sofa and put on her shoes.She lowered her head to wear shoes, and B tried to stand up.Suddenly B's head exploded.Stella looked up and smiled happily. say:"I am a goddess. I have the right to eliminate anyone."She carries her satchel.leaving

Scene 2:

Stella lying on the sofa(doesn't wear shoes, only socks.), chatting on the phone.Two plainclothes policemen(C,D)get into the room,Stella said "someone court to be finished" and hung up.C said," we are the police. Did you eliminate those two people?"Stella: "Yes, they are too weak."C said, "we want to arrest you."Stella said with a smile, "help me up first", then stretch out a hand.C held her hand and tried to pull it up, but she did not move.Stella smiles and looks at C.Then her hand began to exert.Hear the voice of C's arm breaking.Stella loosened his hand and stood up.C felt scared and stepped back.D suddenly took out a pistol behind Stella.Stella smiled naughty(No looking back).

D starts shooting.She pretended to be shot and squatted down.C and D are very happy.Stella stand up slowly.She spat out her tongue in a naughty way.say:"It's a joke. Nothing can hurt me."Then slowly move towards D. D begins to tremble.Continuous shooting,Can't stop Stella from moving forward.The bullet fell to the ground, under her feet.Stella went to D and said"Kneel down",D knelt down involuntarily.Stella put D's head between her thighs.D starts struggling and pat Stella's thigh.Stella said angrily:"Don't dirty my socks."Stella's thigh rotates, D's head breaks.Then she took a step back.D still kneels down.Stella holds a finger against the forehead of D.Say "sorry."Then let go of her fingers.The body of D slowly fell between the legs of Stella.(camera shot from bottom to top to show the power of Stella)

Stella sits back on the sofa.cross-legged,Order C to the sofa.Order C to kneel down.Then Stella put out a foot.Her feet touched C's forehead.(There is only one touch.) Stella Say "you are already finished."Then she put on her satchel, put on her shoes and stood up, ready to go out.She walked a few steps.C crawls on the ground.Grabbed Stella's ankle.Begin to beg for mercy,Stella did not look back.Stella Say softly"bomb",C's head exploded.Stella naughty vomit his tongue.She patted the dust on her socks.Go out

Scene 3

Stella came to the door with his satchel.Knock at the door,Two gangsters(E,F) in the room,E to open the door,Stella said," I'm sorry, I went to the wrong door."E laughed and said," No".Then pull Stella into the door and close the door.Stella pretended to be nervous.E uses hand to attack Stella's back.Stella pretended to faint.The two gangsters laughed.E Princess picked up Stella.

(Shot switching)Stella was tied to a chair.E slowly take off Stella's shoes.Then Stella the socks of one leg were taken off.She opened her eyes.She clipped E's head with her legs.F takes out a stick.Attack the back of the head from behind.F sticks are like knocking steel.The stick fell to the ground.Stella turned around and said"Sorry, you can't hurt me."Stella kicked E away,The bundled rope fell off automatically.Stella stands up,F hugs Stella from behind.Stella shook his head helplessly.Grab F's hands ,Use power,F's two arm fractures.Stella turned around and faced F.She blew lightly with her mouth.

(no special effects),F is pushed back against the wall.Stella smiled triumphantly.She turned around Carry a satchel,Walk to E,Then one foot stepped on E's face.Take out lipstick from the satchel.She began to make up.Finish the make-up,Walk slowly towards F,Ask F:"Am I beautiful?",F nods,She kissed F's forehead.Then say it in the ear of F, "thank you.",Stella takes out lipstick.Slowly insert F's head.F's head began to bleed.Then F slowly fell down.Stella one foot trampled F's head, and F's head exploded.

Stella turned around and sat down on the chair.Say to E:"I'm tired. Give me a massage. I won't eliminate you."E fear,Start massaging Stella's legs.S said,"thank you. I'll give you a massage, too."Stella stand up, E on the chair.Stella uses legs to break E's legs.Then she broke E's hands with her hands.E fell to the ground.Slow twisting and Groan.Stella put on socks.(Before that, she had a leg and no socks.),Put on her shoes.Carry a satchel and Stand up,At that time, Stella's cell phone rang.Stella take out the phone.Surprised to cover his mouth,Say to E:"Shhh"(The index finger is placed on her mouth.)But E continued moaning.Stella shook his head helplessly.Stella's eyes are emitting lasers.(laser is very short, similar to a bullet).E's head exploded.Then Stella turned on the phone.say:"Teacher, I am in the toilet and return to the classroom in a minute."  Stella Sort out socks (close-up shots from bottom to top).Then her feet were off the ground.Begin to float,Stella disappeared instantly.

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Flying Goddess Stella

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