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  • Weakling in the ring. Part V

It may be demanding for Eriny, but please focus comletely on the boxing action and leave any other things. This is the most important Do more boxing matches instead


1. Let him be inside the ring at the beginning all matches

2. For her both: Mostly she is in the ring form beginning. For a few matches let her demonstrate her power to him by doing some punches at the boxing bag.

3. Attitude of her was really good, but in this clip if possible let her be more aggressive/angry. Laughing about him after KO was also OK

4. In the clip she has him really under pressure. If she is able to increase powerr and speed it would be great. It's really great that she shouts on every punch.

5. Scene with the pads was perfect

6. Sometimes let him also go down not comletely KO, but let her punch when he gets up

7. A few times let her kick him when he is on the ground, but do not show the kicks, because it will not look realistic. Just show her kicking sombody but and add some painful sounds from him. Camera from lower position but her lower legs can not be seen. I hope you understand. Description is not so good.

8. Afer knockdown you may sometimes use a camera from the ground show him crawling and her waiting impatiantly with fists up to continue the punching. 

9. Let him show more pain, but do not slow down the action for this.

10. leave any other ideas of action

11. Show different kind of KOs. Some with one hard punch but also like in the scene with boxing pads. It was also great when KOs him punch after punch with him getting closer to "lights out" with each punch.

 These things like before and like it was i the clip

1. Every fight ends with KO and victory pose like it was. Because of these changes there should be much more fights.

2. She wears the boxing gloves the whole time

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Weakling in the ring. Part V

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