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  • Amazons Stella and Sasha captured and subdued the little one

Here's the script!

Models: Stella and Sasha

Men: 1 guy - no mask

Costumes: Black short tight dresses.  Bare legs.  Stilletos with thin soles (like Sasha wears in Crushing Hands). Hair down for both models, please

Superior Height done with a stool a two camera shots, please

Plot: Amazon Goddess Sasha sends Stella to capture their rival - a secret agent.


1. Our hero finds Stella lying on the chair provocatively.  She is beautiful and all legs.  She acts grateful that he has answered her call, but she doesn't seem in distress.  She crosses her beautiful legs and beckons him come to her.

2. Once he approaches her she unfolds her legs and stands up slowly to her full height.  He looks up at her in amazement. 

3. She seizes both his arms in each hand in a crushing grip. She lifts him slowly off his feet (shot of his feet dangling next to her calves). 

"Welcome, my pet.  Thank you for coming to my rescue"

She chuckles and lowers him to the ground and wraps her arms around him in a bearhug. She slowly squeezes him  He is no match for her raw strength.

"Shhhhh, darling"

4. His head falls against her chest.  He slides down her body to lie prone at her feet.

5.  She sits and crosses her legs observing her new captive.

6. Fade out.

7. Fade in

8. Stella is sitting with her gorgeous legs crossed waiting for him to wake up.  He does so slowly.

9. "Welcome back, darling.  I Hope I didn't damage you.  I have many plans for you, yet."

10.  She reaches towards him and takes his chin in her hand.

11.  "I've been sent to capture you, but I want to do it slowly.  When I bring you Sasha, you will be utterly mine."

12.  He resists and stand up defiantly. 

13. Stella chuckles, "Excellent. It's more fun when you resist."

14. She stand up slowly.  She looks down at him and runs a finger along his jaw.

15. He punches her stomach but it has no effect.

16. He tried again but she catch his hand in her hand and begins to squeeze.  She seizes his chin with the other and pulls him close, their lips almost touching.

17. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you, darling."

18.  She spins him around. One hand pulls his head back into her so she can whisper in his ear.  The other arm is wrapped around his body pinning him.

19. Shot of his feet dangling next to her amazing calves.

20. "I have you, my darling," she whispers in his ear seductively, "You're no match for me.  I could crush you right now, if I desired."

21. She releases him and he staggers to escape.  She stalks him calmly. 

22. He tries to get out but the door is locked.

23.  With a soft chuckle she gathers him in her arms, locking her arms around his waist under his arms. She squeezes him into her. 

24.  Shot of his feet dangling.

25. She looks into his eyes.

26. "Perhaps my mistress will let me keep you for myself.  Would you like that? Would you like to belong to me?"

27. With no effort, she squeezes him.  He tries to push off against her arms, but it's useless. She doesn't even budge.

28. "Give yourself to me. It's the only way..."

29.  He's helpless

30. "Poor baby. So Helpless.  So Mine"

31. She smiles

32. She releases her grip. His feet are back on the floor

33. She puts her arms around his neck, like a lover and leans in close.

34. "I have you, don't I? Don't resist. Give in..." She kisses him on the cheek? (Not required)

35.  She sits and crosses her legs for him seductively. 

36. "You want to be mine. Admit it.  I'm taking you body and soul"

37. More leg crossing.

38.  She stands up slowly, towering.

39.  She places her hands under his arms pits and lifts him off his feet until she looks up at him.

41. "You're mine now.  The Mistress will be so pleased."

42.  Black out.

43. Fade in

44.Sasha is sitting on her throne with her beautiful legs crossed.  Stella enters with our hero. He is not bound and is walking ahead of her.  She brings him to within a few feet of Sasha's throne and stops him by seizing his biceps, pinning his arms to his side.

45. Sasha observes her new captive with sexual hunger. Her legs cross again seductively

46."Release him, my dear"

47.Stella releases his arms, and steps back but remains behind him.

48 "Welcome, at last, little one. I am Sasha  And you are mine now."

49. Seeing his chance, our hero makes a break for the door.  He runs right into Stella's arms.  She lifts him off his feet. He uses his free hand to try to push at her shoulders and arms but he's locked tight.

50. "Now, now, little one," says Sasha, "We're just getting started.  Stella, dear, would you be so kind as to bring our guest to me?"

51. With a seductive smile, Stella carries him in her arms to Sasha and releases him.  He falls to the floor at Sasha's feet.

52. The beautiful Sasha is still seated with her long, muscular legs crossed. She looks down at her prize.

53"Good boy. As you can see, there is no escape. You are ours - mine specifically. I will break you and take you as my own."

54.She knows her crossed legs are weakening him. 

56. He manages to stand up defintly.

57. She stands up slowly, revealing her full height. She is also taller than him. She looks down on him like he's delicious prey

58. Sasha take his chin in her hand and lifts it to look at her. 

59."Allow me to show you just how helpless you truly are, little one."

60.Sasha lifts our hero under the arm pits with ease. She looks up at her captive. His feet dangling between both amazons' legs. 

61. She drops him and he falls at their sexy feet. 

62. At Sasha's signal, Stella lifts up our hero and hold him tightly in a bear hug facing Sasha. Sasha stands very close to him again and takes his face in her hands sensually.

63. "Give yourself to me, little one" Sasha Says

64."Such spririt.  Stella, squeeze him, my dear"

65. Without any effort, Stella squeezes our hero in her arms.  Sasha sits and weakens him further with seductive leg crosses.

66. "Give yourself to me, little one" Sasha repeats.

67. He nods.

68. "Very good, my pet."

69. Sasha stands and gathers him in her arms now and begins to squeeze him slowly, looking deeply in his eyes. Stella sits and crossed her legs seductively and watches.

70. Sasha looking into his eyes."You're mine now. All mine"

She squeeze some more until he is out in her arms. He slides down her body to the floor.  Sasha sits slowly and crosses her legs, sensuously.

"Excellent work, my dear. he is ours now." she says to stella.  

Black out on the two sexy amazons and their captive.

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Amazons Stella and Sasha captured and subdued the little one

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