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  • Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet

I'd like Sasha to wear a small bikini and have clean bare feet. I would like her to be the same playfully dominant character that I usually have in my videos, easily defeating a bad guy and having fun while doing it.The story is that a masked bad guy has taken control of some missiles from his computer and is going to use them to destroy Sasha's home city. He has tied Sasha's hands loosely in from of her and is making her sit and watch while he guides the missiles to their target. 

The bad guy explains that he has lots of missiles and that he will launch them from his phone and then pilot from the computer. Sasha pretends to be scared of him, but when he turns his back her face shows she is confident that she can stop him. 

Missile 1

He launches the first missile from his phone triumphantly and starts piloting it from the computer. Sasha immediately starts distracting him by pushing her feet in his face so he can't see the screen as well as prodding and poking him, and knocking his hands away from the keyboard. He tries to push her off, but it is difficult to use the computer and fight at the same time; whenever he turns round to push off one foot, the other one gently kicks him somewhere else, often going in his face. He turns away from the computer to try to catch her feet but Sasha moves them quickly in circles and he can't get them. Sasha laughs at him. He gives up trying to fight and tries to concentrate on flying the missile. Sasha tickles him with her toes, again making it impossible for him to control the missile. After a little while Sasha cheers as the missile explodes harmlessly off target. (I would like most of the fight to be filmed from the angle above, with Sasha's face and soles clearly in view most of the time. The tickling should mainly be filmed from the angle below.)

Missile 2

The bad guy is very angry and gets up to attack Sasha. He strikes down at her and Sasha puts up her hands to block him. His punch goes through her bonds, freeing her hands. She laughs at him and grabs his phone, then pushes her chair on wheels back to the wall. The bad guy follows her but she puts her feet up and he tries to punch them. She moves them away too quickly for him and bops him on the nose with her toes. This repeats for a while. I would like this filmed from the angle below in the main, although some film from the point of view of the bad guy would be great too.

While this fight is going on, Sasha is playing on his phone. Suddenly she grins at him and says "Launch 3!"; she has launched the next missile. The bad guy rushes over to the computer to fly the missile. Sasha gets up and follows him. She puts the phone on the table and then goes behind the bad guys and tickles him with her hands. He laughs hard and he can't control the missile. Sasha sometimes pushes keys on the keyboard to send the missile further off course while she tickles him. Eventually Sasha celebrates at this missile crash harmlessly off course.

Missile 3

The bad guy tries to grab the phone but Sasha snatches it first. She cheekily waves it to him and he gets up to try to get it. Sasha throws it over his head across the room (you may want to come up with a plan so the phone doesn't get damaged!). He runs off to get it. Sasha picks up a tub marked "glue" from the table and paints it onto the seat by the computer. The bad guy returns with the phone and sits on the chair. Sasha stays out of his reach, pretending she is scared of him. He is confident again and launches the next missile and starts piloting it. Sasha comes up behind him and pulls the chair away from the computer. He tries to get up but he can't because he is stuck to the chair. He tries to get back to the desk while sitting on the chair, but Sasha gets between him and the desk. She holds him away from the computer with her feet while flying the missile off course with her hands. She keeps lauughing at the bad guy, He retreats and then tries to charge past her a few times, while still stuck to the chair, but each time he comes, Sasha's feet hold him away from the desk. Eventually the missile crashes off course once again and Sasha celebrates.

Missile 4

Sasha advances on the bad guy demanding he give her the phone. He refuses. She smiles and says that she will take him for a spin in. The she spins his chair round and round to make him dizzy. Casey did this really well in a video you shot for me previously, where she spent a lot of time running round with the chair, as in the pictures below. I would like Sasha to do it this way too. Try to film from angles which show Sasha's face much of the time.

After a while Sasha stops the chair, and playfully checks that the guard is now so dizzy that he can't fight back. She takes the phone from him and pushes the chair to the computer. Then she sits on his knee and launches a missile. She says with a smile "I am going to fly this missile into all your other missiles!" She flies it briefly then turns to him with a satisfied smile and says "There. No more missiles!" She gets up, blows him a kiss and leaves.

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Sasha tickles bad guys with her feet

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