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  • You don't deserve Stella

Custom clip request 

This is a pov shrinking custom with an emphasis on legs rather than feet, with pov kicking. 

Preferred attire: As my primary attraction is towards legs, please bare your long gorgeous legs for this video. Short skirt/short dress is ideal, but tiny shorts are also acceptable. Please refrain from wearing tights, stockings etc. Please also be barefoot. Any top is fine. 

 I approach you and you challenge me to a fight. You begin kicking towards my face every 4 to 5 seconds (forward kicks only, please!). Throughout the video please have the camera repeatedly angle downwards to show your legs every few seconds. After about 30 s, I shrink to your breasts, then to your tummy at 1min mark, and then to your thighs at 2min mark.

 At this point, please have the camera height such that the top of the frame is roughly at the height of the middle of your thighs. please also have the camera alternating between panning up and down your legs, and showing your face. You do things to humiliate me over my minuscule size: eg: compare height (in particular, emphasising how I only come up to your legs), make me vainly try to knock you over etc and anything else you can think of (please remain standing though while you do this, though you may move around).  At the 3:30 mark, you knee me in the face every few seconds until the end of the video

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You don't deserve Stella

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