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Custom clip request 

Hey Lesley, how's things? I hope you're doing well. I was hoping to commission a new version of the supervillain scenario if possible.

1. If possible I'd like to have Zara

2. 0 actors - Initially just a camera following her as she searches the apartment, and then a PoV style.

3. Please discuss with me the clothes for the characters (if that's important to You).

Initially whatever she wants, then either the Lesley Marvel outfit, or a black catsuit and gloves (Zara's choice).

4. Specify the length of movie (minutes) - I think 25 minutes would be good, but am happy to go for longer if you think it's needed

5. Send me the detailed script if each detail of action is important to you (Please make sure that whether the script matches specified length of the film) 

Summary: The actress is my ex-girlfriend who steals and drinks the super formula i've made, and then kills me. 

Comment: language is not a deal breaker, happy for this to be in Russian if it's preferred.


The first scene/sequence is about Zara finding the formula, should last about 8 minutes maximum (including her drinking the formula and changing). The camera should follow her around. 

She is my ex-girlfriend who recently dumped me, but had left software on my laptop so she could keep tabs on my work. She knows I bring a lot of work home and learns that I'd just finished the formula.

Her clothing at this stage can be whatever she wants, she should be looking at her phone at "her place", sat down, maybe on some stairs or a chair.

Scene 1:

"Nothing interesting going on with the world as usual.. heh.. I wonder how that loser ex of mine is getting on.. lets see... login to his laptop.. he still hasn't noticed the teamviewer I installed! Hmmm.. notes from yesterday... super formula.. to be completed tomorrow.."

She looks up and we see her expression go from surprised, to scared.

"No.. no no no.. that can't be true.. will he have managed to have taken it home? I can't just go round there... but I can't let him get that kind of power.. I know what to do.. he'll have just gotten home probably.. he wouldn't dare try to drink it at work either.."

And with that she call's 'me' and puts on a fake/deeper voice.

"Oh hello, is this James? Yes, hello, i'm Detective.... err....... Henderson.. from the police, your father was in an accident and is rushing to hospital, please head there immediately as.. i'm sorry to say.. it looks like he won't make it.. hello?.. he hung up.. it's not far to his place.. heres hoping he's as gullible and quick to panic as ever.. but just in case"

She pulls out a pistol and then leaves.


The sequence changes to her breaking in to the apartment, looking around carefully and cautiously with the gun in hand before laughing a little.

"Looks like he fell for it, here's his stupid wallet after all.. now he would have definitely stolen it today.. he wouldn't want to risk any of his bosses taking it themselves.. he thinks he's so clever.. but I bet in a hurry he hid it in his usual spot.."

She struts over to a cupboard and reaches into the back, and with a satisfied laugh pulls out the formula.

"How predictable.. well.. no point in wasting time!" And she drinks it.

After a few seconds of her holding her stomach and closing her eyes.. she drops the gun and falls to her knees. She reaches up to her head with both hands and groans in pleasure as she feels herself change.

"Holy shit.. I can't believe it.. it's actually working.. I can feel every fibre of my body changing.. I can feel.. so much strength... so much.. POWER!" 

And with this she opens her eyes and laughs.

"Oh this world is so fucked.. I do wonder if I have any limits.. I'll have to check with James later.. but first.. lets go introduce myself to the world"

And with this Zara leaves.

Scene 2: 

The camera is now my PoV.

This scene starts with me on the floor, looking at footage on a phone or laptop of my now 'super' ex-girlfriend announcing her supremacy to the world (this should simply be a pre-recorded video played on the phone/laptops media player).

The footage should have her saying something like: ".. and it matters not what you say or do.. I am the ruler of this world.. you all currently still exist because I allow it.. and billions of your pathetic lives will soon end.. because I demand it"

Suddenly the laptop or phone is snatched away by Zara in her new outfit.

"Hi! Didn't hear me come in did you? Super speed really is useful for sneaking up on people you know. Do you like my outfit? I figured I needed something appropriate now i'm the worlds first and only superhuman.. And it's all... thanks.. to you. No... no.. stay on the ground where you belong.. worm!" she laughs before kicking my head, killing me. Screen goes black.

We see the same healing effect from the previous custom as I 'come to'.

"oh.. dear.. did that hurt? Heh, well I don't particularly care.. I mean it was super satisfying to dump you.. but to then keep watching you through your laptop with teamviewer... and then tricking you so that I.. not you.. got to become super.... Even now i'm still feeling so proud of how smart I am!"

She reaches out a hand to help me up, and we end up very close.. she acts very seductively.. leaning in as if to kiss 'me' before laughing at the last moment and strangling me (hand underneath the camera).

When she resurrects me this time she says, "Say.. I was thinking of asking you about my powers.. but I instead just flew the army base.. read all the research.. killed all the troops.. everything is now so.. effortless.. it's incredible! You should be sooooo proud that you made this formula.. it's really impressive.. but I think I can make a better one now.. especially now i'm immortal! So 'thanks honey' *laugh*"

She then proceeds resurrect and experiment killing me in the following ways:

- heat vision

- punching

- hugging

- trapped between her legs

- giving me a gun to shoot her, and after letting a few bullets hit her, she catches one and throws/spits it back (depending on if she catches it with her hand or teeth)

- any other idea you and Zara think might be fun (please be creative) and that will fill the time

Before finally Zara heals me one last time, and decides if she'll let me live or not (please let this be the Zara's choice based on how she thinks she'd act in that scenario)

6. Specify if you want me to use the special effects. (Specify what kind of sfx you want to present in your custom clip) 

Similar to the previous supervillain custom we'll need:

The sound of bones breaking

Heat vision SFX 

Healing SFX

If you want to experiment with some kind of super speed SFX or other appropriate, please do.

Please don't do any male sound effects of grunting, etc.


Attitude. I'd love for Zara to act as evil, cruel, mocking and superior as possible. If she wants to add any kind of humiliation/bitchy/bratty dialogue, please do let her.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

Full HD (1920 - 1080)

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Zara plays with her boyfriend whom she hates

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