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  • Agent Stella and secret documents

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1) A man with a hood is waiting on a roof. He has a suitcase with there is money. A woman arrives and she approaches. She looks at the man and then she takes out a big envelope where there are some secret document. The man takes the envelope and he gives the suitcase. The woman leaves and the man takes out a pistol. He tells.

"I changed my mind, I also want to keep the money.

The woman turns around and hits the pistol. The man wants to hit him but the woman stops the blow and she gives him a knee in the balls and a punch in the face, the man backs down and the woman kicks him, straight in the stomach , the man falls behind, he rolls and he finds himself hanging on the edge of the roof. The woman approaches (seen from below). The man: he begs. Woman looks at the envelope that is on the floor and the suitcase and slowly, she crushes the fingers of the man (close-up on the foot). Man falls into the void. (It is enough that the hands disappear).

2) The woman enters a house with the suitcase. (One hears the door of the entrance which opens (bell). She climbs stairs and enters a room. A man (in a suit) is waiting for him, sitting at a table. He said looking at the suitcase.

"Did not you do the exchange?

The woman closes the door and she approaches the man, she comes out of her leather jacket, the envelope she puts on the table. The man takes the document out of the envelope and then looks at it and tells the woman.

"Brave girl.

He puts the document on the table and he pulls out a pistol, he threatens the woman. The woman puts the suitcase down and then gives it a right kick in the belly. The man falls back with the chair. He wants to use the pistol but the woman kick him to disarm him and another kick in the face. She approaches over him. (Plan from below) She lifts her foot and strikes him in the face again. There is a mobile ringtone. The woman takes out the phone and she answers.

"All goes well, I have the document and the money"

The man who is on the floor wants to pick up the ..., the woman puts the phone in the pocket of the jacket and she approaches the man then she him crushes the wrist and she takes the ... and she points it on the face of the man who begs -

"no no no !"

The woman is shooting several times.

3) The woman leaves the room, she goes down the stairs and a man with the hood goes up the stairs too. The woman puts the suitcase  down and she waits for it. He approaches then he looks at her and before he moves, the woman gives him a knee in the balls and a punch in the face. The man steps back against the wall. He takes out a knife and gives a forehand to the woman who avoids it. Another circular shot and the woman avoids it too. He still wants to give a blow, the woman blocks his arm and then she twists him until the man goes off the knife then she gives him a hook also face, another kick in the balls, the man falls on her knees then the woman kicks in the face and the man spreads out on his back, arms outstretched. One hears the door of the entrance which opens (bell), the man turns the head and he calls for help. The woman throws herself astride the torso of the man, she puts her hands around the throat of the man and strangles her. The man tries to catch the woman's face with her hand but the woman pulls back her face then she puts her knees on the man's arms. The man's legs are moving. We see in close-up, the man, the eyes staring straight ahead, and the mouth wide open then in close-up the face of the woman, the gaze that stares right, then we hear a sound from his mouth after the effort and the arms of the man falls to the ground.

4) A man with a balaclava enters the house, he closes the front door. The woman appears on the stairs with the suitcase. The man stops and he looks at her. The woman goes down and she approaches the man. The man says:

" Where are the others ?

The woman answers.

"They are dead, and so are you.

The man takes out a pistol and the woman disarms him by kicking him then another one in the balls, the man folds in two. The woman places the bag and gives it a hook on the man's face, then a hook in the belly and a karate stroke with the hand, behind the neck of the man who falls on his knees, then gives him a blow knee on the face and the man falls back. He sees his pistol and extends his arm to pick it up. The woman approaches (seen from below) then she crushes the fingers of the man on the ... (Close-up of the foot that crushes the fingers, seen from above). She takes the ... and she pulls the man several times. Then she takes the suitcase and she gets out of the house. The end.

The actress: Stella and a man who would change clothes.

Stella's clothes, a jacket, a dress (or a skirt) with boots (no long boots). I enclose two photos for the example.

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Agent Stella and secret documents

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