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  • Sasha punishes the bold guys with her feet

Custom clip request 

Here are the details for my clip. 

Wardrobe and Setting

·       I would like Sasha to wear a two-piece bikini (or something like what she wore in “sasha is a karate girl”) and have some makeup on. She should be barefoot the entire video with black nail polish on her toes. It would be great if her feet looked exactly like in “sasha is a karate girl”

·       The setting is the same place as in “stella vs the dragon team”

·       The males are unmasked with their face and bare throat exposed. They can wear sporty clothes like they were going to work out (NO Judo clothes)


·       Sasha is stretching in the ring (some close ups of her feet during this). She starts practicing her kicks. Two guys walk in and see that she is taking up the space. They look at each other annoyed and walk into the ring.

·        Guys (G): “What are you doing here? We need this space to practice. You need to leave.”

Sasha (S): “Sorry I got here first”

*One of the guys walks closer*

G: “You can leave, or we’ll make you leave the harder way.”

S: “Well I had a reserve---”

*Before Sasha can finish her sentence, the guy slaps her in the face, causing her to step back a few times*

G: “Have I made myself clear?”

Sasha then looks at them smugly and says “I will let you two have the space if you beat me in a fight.”

*The two guys laugh*

G: “Do you know who we are? We are champion winning black belts. You are just a girl.”

S: “You shouldn’t have a problem then.”

G: “Hmph, It will be a good warm up I guess. We’ll try not to hurt you too bad. Try not to cry when you get hurt.”

*have the guys be really confident*

*Fight Begins*

Fighting Choreography

·       Sasha should be dominating almost the entire fight. I would like the same FAST-PACED and brutal fighting that was in my previous clip, “Lora proves she is the best master in the city.” Sasha’s strikes should be 80% kicks and 20% everything else (punches, knees, etc). I really like spinning kicks, windmill kicks, and front kicks to the stomach, but she should do other kicks as well. I want Sasha to be merciless when delivering kick after kick. NO face slap or back and forth kicks. No slow motion and NO POV for the punches and kicks.

·       It is important that the two guys are fighting back as hard as they can and throwing plenty of punches and kicks themselves. Include many scenes where Sasha is fighting both of them at the same time. For example, sasha blocks/dodges a punch from one guy and immediately kicks the other. Make sure the guys respond in pain when they are hit.

·       The guys should start off with a lot of energy at first but slowly become more tired as they are being beaten down.

Foot Chоkes

·       I would like Sasha to do two foot chоkes throughout the fight. I would like one foot chоke where Sasha is choking a guy against a wall and one where she is choking a guy with his back to the floor. You can have both foot chоkes done on the same guy or one foot chоke for each guy – it doesn’t matter.

·       A good time to do a foot chоke during the fight is when Sasha beats a guy with a barrage of kicks/punches and the guy falls back to a wall or on the ground. For the floor foot chоke, Sasha will place one foot on top of his throat (the other foot stays on the floor) to chоke him for about 40 seconds. It is important that her foot covers the guy’s entire throat (pictures 1 & 2). Make sure the foot is pressed completely on top of the throat, not on the side. Also, the way the foot is placed is important during the floor foot chоkes (the big toe should always be closest to the chin)

·       Similarly, make sure Sasha’s foot is completely on top of the guy’s throat during the wall foot chоke (picture 3)

·       VERY IMPORTANT: The guys MUST look like they are suffering during the foot chоkes. They should be coughing and gasping for air A LOT and have their hands on her ankle/leg the entire time trying desperately to pull her foot off their throat, but failing. Try not to block the view of Sasha’s foot and toes. Their bodies should squirm when they are being chоked. When sasha lifts her foot, the guys have to gasp for air. The guy in “Lora proves she is the best master in the city” did a GREAT job.

·       CAMERA ANGLES –You can use a few of your own camera angles, but I want most camera angles to be like in the pictures. Full Body (pictures 4 & 5), Leg (picture 6), and foot (pictures 7 & 8). It would be great if you could start full body angle then move closer to the leg and finally to the foot during the foot chоke. You can move back out occasionally too. Try to include a POV of a foot chоke if you can.

Execution – Each guy gets finished by a foot chоke on the floor

·       Near the end, when the guys are nearly exhausted, they both come at Sasha with everything they’ve got. Sasha fights them both simultaneously and sends one guy to the floor and the other to his knees. For the guy on his knees, she does a few spinning head kicks and then knocks him out with a side kick to the head.

·       The other guy on the floor starts to get up. Sasha walks over, places her foot on his chest and pushes him back down. She places her foot on his throat to chоke him. After 40 seconds, the guy taps on the ground and screams “please, I give up! You win!” Sasha replies “There is no tapping allowed here. What’s the matter? Can’t breathe?” She presses her foot harder on his throat for 30 more seconds and the guy’s arms fall slowly from her leg as he dies.

·       The other guy wakes up and tries to sneak out of the ring on his hands and knees. Sasha grabs his shirt from behind and throws him across the ring. She says “What’s the matter? Scared of a girl?”

·       The guy lunges at her with all his strength but sasha is able to dodge or block his attacks and give him a final flurry of kicks/punches to send him to the ground. She then foot chоkes him on the floor. After about 30 seconds, the guy begs for his life “Please, I will give you whatever you want! Please just spare my life!” Sasha then lifts and places her whole foot on the guy’s face and says “Do you submit to me?” The guy says “Yes! You win! Please just let me go!”

·       Sasha places her whole foot on the guy’s chest forcefully, smiles and says “sorry, losers don’t get to live” and places her foot back on his throat and chоkes him for 1 minute. After 30 seconds (of the minute), the guy can beg for mercy one last time (“please, have mercy!”) and sasha will say “you are talking too much. I think it is time to put you to sleep for good.” For the last 30 seconds, Sasha increases the pressure and the guy is gasping for air and is desperately trying to get her foot off, but is unable to and his arms fall slowly from her leg as he dies.

·       Sasha leaves her foot on the guys’ throats for a few seconds after they die to make sure they are gone. She moves both guy’s bodies together and victory poses with full foot on chest for about 10 seconds. She says “thanks for the workout boys,” and places her foot on one of the guy’s faces to make sure he is out. She steps over them and leaves the gym. 

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Sasha punishes the bold guys with her feet

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