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  • Sasha avanges her brover destroying the champion

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So this scene starts when a kickboxing champion is practicing martial arts in a room without a shirt. Xena enters the room wearing stilleto shoes and regular cloths. She tells him you don't remember me. He answers who are you?? She answers you beat and killed my little brother in a kickboxing match. He says well he was weak and did not deserve to fight the champion. She says well I am here to show you who the real champion is. She takes off her shoes. Her toe nails are painted white nail polish. They fight for 2 minutes. At the end of the 2 minutes she kicks him in the belly and he falls down to his knees. She puts her foot on his chest and pushes him to lie on his back. She makes a wining face that he is on the floor. She turns her back to him then stops turns back and jumps with her two feet landing on his chest.

Both feet should be on the chest. He is struggling against the burden of her standing on him. Finally he gives in and puts his hands to the side. She puts her hands on her waist symbolizing victory and smiles. She says who is the champion now. Then she raises her hands in the air and screams iiiii. Puts her hands back on her waist and counts till 10 slowly. When she reaches ten she screams 10 you are out. Then She starts talking to him. Look how pathetic you are. You never thought that you are going to lie on the ground under a womens feet. You lost your title and to a women. Now she gets off his chest but leaves one foot on his chest at all times. Please make sure I see her and him at the same time with her foot on him. He mumbles I am sorry for killing your brother, I didn't mean it. She says it's too late, I am going to ruin you and kill you. She takes her phone from her pocket and takes a picture of him on the floor under her foot.she tells him, tomorrow the whole world is going to see the great champion lying under my feet. after she says that she lifts her foot slowly and smashes it on his chest. He lifts his head and holds her foot trying to struggle but succumbs to the trauma and dies. She comes closer to his face and tells him, you chose this when messed with me baby. She stands up , steps on his chest with one foot and walks over him out of the room.

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Sasha avanges her brover destroying the champion

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