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  • Casey vs the team of karate. Part III

Custom clip request 

Thank you for doing "Casey vs the team of karate: part II" (or "Casey vs 4 champions").  I wonder whether you'd be interested in doing a follow up, say, "Casey vs the team of karate: part III". 

So ... Casey in the outfit she wears in Casey vs the team of karate: part II, EXCEPT that this time she wears a red belt rather than a black belt, with the knot tied to the side (if you don't have a red belt but can buy one, add that to the costs.  If you can't get a red belt ... well, use a black belt after all). Perhaps one twist (if you like): she starts out wearing a karate jacket over that suit (perhaps with the red belt outside that jacket).  Casey is practicing in that karate gym that featured in the two previous versions.  The four black belts she took from the guys in the previous movie are hanging over the fence.

The four karate guys come in, they are pretty angry.  They are in their karate outfits, all wearing either black belts or some other color (see below).  Perhaps they have weapons with them: a baseball bat, a chain or other things to try to beat Casey up with ... feel free to be creative ... and if you'd rather not do that, that's fine too (no knifes or pistols, though ... Casey is not invulnerable, just a good fighter!).

They say: "You bitch!  You took our belts!  [ point at the belts hanging over the fence ]  We want them back!"

Casey, pointing at their belts: "You have belts!  What are those?"

They: [ if black ] "We borrowed them from friends, but we want ours back!" [ if some other color ] "These are lower-ranked belts, we just wear them temporarily, until we get ours back!"

Casey: "Good, I can take even more belts from you!"

They: "That won't happen this time!  We know how to beat you! You will suffer for this insult!"

Casey: "Bring it on!  All of you!  I can defeat you anytime"

[ If she has been wearing a karate jacket, let her take it off now, and tighten that red belt.  The fighting should all be done in that black leotard and red belt outfit ]

[ If they have weapons:]  Casey: "Oh, you brought toys?  Your karate skills alone are not enough?  Great, finally a challenge for me!"

... and they fight.  Make it a bunch of shorter fights, most of them all four against her.  Back-and-forth, but she wins each time.  The guys try a few times to reach those other belts, but she never lets them or she 

gets them back, putting them, where they were.  When a fight ends, they are beaten on the ground, but not unconscious ... so that it is plausible that they get up and try again.  She let's them, she gives them a brief moment to recover, and they fight again.  She taunts them to try their best.  She might even give them handicaps or do other things to make it more of a challenge for her.  Feel free to be creative! Include abs punching, include a variety of holds, include her holding one guy and attacking others, etc..

I would love to see more ground fighting (aside from the well-done stand up fighting), but I realize that the choreography is perhaps really tricky for that.  

At the end, she wins, the guys are thoroughly beaten on the ground.  She takes their new belts too, and holds them, together with the previous four black belts.

Casey: "That's a really nice collection!  Thank you guys!"

It would be pretty, if she then ties all those eight belts around her waist too, walking off, but that's not strictly necessary.

Include quite a bit trash talking, also during the fights! Perhaps then briefly just show the face of the person speaking, before zooming out again to the whole group fighting or so. I listed a bunch of terms they or she could say in my email of "Stella vs the Dragon Team", but happy to provide it again here.

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Casey vs the team of karate. Part III

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