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  • Sasha jogging in the forest

Custom clip request 

I saw you got a new girl on your team: Sasha!  I was intrigued by the meeting in the forest" scene ... so I was thinking of a custom, where she goes jogging in that forest, and now that guy from that first scene waits for her, but brought along two friends.  They threaten her, but she fights back and, eventually, just toys with them, beating them up.

I would like her to wear long black jogging tights ... those that Stella wears in "Stella vs The Dragon Brothers" would be perfect, but there may be others.  Plus some jogging or sports bra. 

As for some English phrases (I sent them also in that Stella-vs-Dragon-Team email, but these have some additions):

For Sasha:

"Who else wants to be beaten up?"

"Who else wants to try to take me on?"

"Come on, go, get me!"

"Aww, are you afraid of a little girl all alone in a forest?"

"Three men against one girl?  That's not fair.  You should have brought more friends!"

"Here, let me give you a handicap!" (she proceeds, letting them grab her first or putting herself in a disadvantageous position)

"You really think you can beat me?"

"You talk too much.  Come on, let's fight!"

(They punch her in the abs, but then their hands hurt) "Did that hurt you?  Aww.  I thought it was supposed to hurt me!"

"I can beat all of you!"

"Do you really think this is a challenge for me?"

"I warn you: if you start fighting with me, you will get hurt!"

"I warned you!"

"I am stronger than all of you together!"

"You think you are strong men? You are pathetic weaklings!"

"You will be sorry for picking a fight with me!"

"You don't stand a chance against me!"

"See ... I told you, I can beat all of you!"

"Come on!  Punch harder!"

"Is that all you got?"

"I am a girl, but I will win against all of you together!"

"Come on!  Attack me!"

"You may be tough.  But I am much tougher."


"We will smash you!"

"You have a loud mouth."

"You foolish girl.  You will regret this."

"You shouldn't have come alone!"

"You don't stand a chance!"

"Let's finish her!"

"You are a cocky little girl.  We will punish you for challenging us like that!"

"That didn't hurt!"

"We were just distracted."

"You were lucky."

"You are too confident.  You will regret this."

"We are strong men.  You are just a small girl."

"Let's all coordinate and attack her together!"

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Sasha jogging in the forest

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