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  • Zara and the thief

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1. The thief.

A thief with a hood enters a room to steal, as he searches the place, a woman enters the house. The door of the room opens, the woman appears and the thief turns to her. He immediately pulls out a pistol to threaten her. The woman smiles at her and then she hits the gun to disarm the thief. Then she kicks him on the lower abdomen, the thief falls on his knees and the woman kicks him on the face. The thief spreads himself on the ground. The woman will close the door. The thief raises his head and sees his pistol. He crawls then he extends his arm towards the gun - (In close-up, we see the hand of the thief who lands on the butt of the gun and suddenly, the foot of the woman appears, he crushes the thief's fingers). The woman moves the gun with her foot and then strikes the thief's face with her foot. Then she puts her foot on the thief's throat and she presses to strangle her. She smiles at him and she tells him "Money"- The thief looks at her without understanding, the woman points her finger at the man's chest, the thief puts his hand in his jacket and he takes out his wallet. With her finger, the woman gestures to him to give him the wallet, she takes the money inside, then takes her foot off the thief's throat and throws the wallet at him. She says "Get out !" - The thief gets up and he goes away immediately. The woman smiled, looking at the money she took from the thief. 

2. Self Defense. 

2.1.  A woman is in the middle of the room. She's looking at her watch, she's waiting for someone, a man appears behind her, face uncovered, he stops, looks at her and then catches him by the arms. The woman crushes his foot with the heel of his boot, then she hits his face with his head back, banging straight ahead with the foot on the belly, the man falls to the ground then she hits his face with the heel of his boot for knock him out.

2.2.  A woman is in the middle of the room. She has a purse and she is waiting for someone. A man with a hood comes behind her, he look at her, then he takes out a knife and threatens it. " give me your bag !" Says the man. The woman drops her bag, the man gives her a blow with the knife in front, the woman blocks her arm, then she sweeps her legs and the man ends up on on the ground. Then she walks on the wrist of the man and she takes him the knife and she kicks him in the face to knock him out. 

Actress: Zara. Clothing: A woman with pants and boots

Actor: a man.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Zara and the thief

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