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  • Sasha gets everything she wants using the power of her feet

Custom clip request 

Outfit: Sasha should wear black pantyhose, a shirt and a tight skirt, high heels and a pair of big black secretarial glasses!

"The bar" is marked in the text wit a *. You do not need a real bar here! Please see in the first attachement what you can use instead of a bar (I mean that little wall behind Lesley).

The Story:

THE SECRETARY walks into an apartement. Only one man sits at a table. „What can I do for you, beautiful lady?“, he asks. As THE SECRETARY walks closer (in a sexy catwalk), she gets his full attention.

She smiles at him: „I’m here for the key you guys stole from my boss’ office. Just hand it out to me and I'm off!“

Man: „The key for the safe? No way!“

She grabs him by the collar with one hand, smiling sweetly, showing him the fist of her other. „You see that, mmh? You smell that? Smells deadly. Now hand me the key, or…!“

Man laughing: „Or what?“

She hits his face with her fist several times (dozens very quick punches while she holds him by the collar; his head bounces back & forth like a puppett's head). Then she lets his collar go. He disappears behind the table with a bump.

THE SECRETARY hops up to sit on the table, letting her legs dangle on his side of the table.

As he slowly and dizzily sits upright behind the table, his head bumps against her feet. He stares at them as they wiggle playfully before his eyes.

SECRETARY: „What are you staring at? Do you like my feet? Let me introduce you to 'em!“

She kicks his face with one foot. He almost falls to the ground again.

As he recovers from the blow, he stares at her feet again. THE SECRETARY starts dangling her shoe. Then she nears her foot to his nose until it touches it. Then she continues dangling with her shoe.

She giggles: „You are into feet, aren't you? Hmm… Let us make a deal: I let you see my foot – and you hand me the key! That is less embarrassing for you than being beaten to pulp by a little girl, don't you think?“

He shakes his head.

„As you like“, she says, kicking his face a few times – smiling with ease, bringing her hair in order.

Again, he almost falls down. As he sits again, she continues the dangling, teasing him, bringing her foot to his nose again.

Close up of her smiling face – one can see that she enjoys teasing him with her foot. Then she turns to the camera with a shrug, saying: „Watch me finishing the guy off!“

SECRETARY goes to the bar* and hops up to sit on it. The camera stands behind her all the time during this sequence.

She says to the man: „Get up!“

He gets up, very dizzy. As he stands before her (she still sitting on the bar*, very upright), she orders him: "Now for the last time: give me that key." He shakes his head.

She let fall her shoe behind the bar* (we only hear it falling to the floor).

SECRETARY: „Oops – I lost my shoe. Would you please get it for me and put it back on my foot?“

He nods dizzily and bends down (disappears behind the bar*). As soon as he disappears, THE SECRETARY starts kicking his face - which can not be seen but only heard. We see her move her legs and hear the kicking sounds and his sounds of pain.

As she stops, the guy can be heard whimpering. Also the sound of the other shoe falling to the floor.

SECRETARY: „Now I lost the other one too – would you be so kind?“ Starts kicking again – with her other foot. Doing that she smiles and giggels once.

Then she turns her body (and feet) to the viewer. She sits on the bar*, showing off her feet and legs to the camera (please do not expose her soles to the camera), „dusting off“ her feet and toes.

As she does that he re-appears behind the bar*, stretching his hands out for her. It should be clear that he wants to hit or hurt her in some way. THE SECRETARY hits him with her fist without even looking, then continues „dusting off“ and caressing her toes. The hit smashes him to the wall behind the desk.

She attends to her toes, admiring their beauty. Doing that she repeatedly looks into the camera.

Now the Barkeeper comes to the other side of the bar*. THE SECRETARY still sits up there, crossing her legs and showing him her foot, teasing him strongly. «Well, big boy,» she says, «take a good look before I break you – and take the key!»

He just stands there staring, while she teases him very erotically with her feet.

Then she slips off the bar. They stand before each other.

THE SECRETARY starts hitting him hard with her fists. He has no chance. She repeatedly stretches out for severe „jaw breakers“, which sends him through the room.

From here please add a lot of fast paced face kicking with her bare feet. He has not the slightest chance against the super strong girl. She gives him no pause for recovering, she stays in action constantley!

The face kicking should be executed in several sexy poses (from the top of the bar* with the guy standing before her, THE SECRETARY kneeling on a chair – see attached second pic). During the fight she repeatedly teases him with her bare feet. For example sitting on the bar, or as the guy lies exhausted on the floor (nose to the floor) she can stand besides him, one foot very near his nose (toe touching the tip of his nose – see attached pic 3).

In the end she knocks him to unconsciousness; then stealing the key from his pocket. She puts one foot upon his chest doing the victory pose, flexing her muscles smiling into the camera, with a shrug, saying: „Well, that's what he asked for!“

Then she thinks of something better, putting her foot on his nose – again doing the pose, smiling her sexy smile into the camera, saying: «I promised him to show him my foot if I get the key, didn’t I? And I finally got it. So… A good girl must keep her promises, don’t you agree?!" She rubs his nose slightly, smiling innocently into the camera, then sits down on his chest, searching her purse for her cellphone. As she found it, she starts bringing her hair in order, controlling it in the cellphone mirror. Then rings up her boss. Waiting for him to take the call, she puts her foot back on the guy’s nose, “dusting” the foot off again, caressing it. She talks to the boss, confirming her mission as accomplished, caressing her foot and absent-mindedly rubbing the guys nose with it. Then she takes a photo of the guy under her foot as proof for the boss. The she stands up, prettys herself up, puts her shoes on and walks away. Suddenly she stops, turns back to the guy on the floor. Then takes off one shoe again, puts her foot back on the guys nose and takes a selfie.

Fade out

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha gets everything she wants using the power of her feet

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