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  • Sasha captures the business

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Sasha is a member of a mafia group. She is hired to eliminate a group of men. 

Actors: Sasha and one actor (playing all roles)

Part one (6min)

(Sasha is maked up and hairs down. She wears office clothes : White shirt, black jacket, black pants and black heels. She wears tan pantyhose. And if it's possible to have her hand and feet nails painted in black.). 

The henchmen are dressed with black hood.

Sasha comes into the hideout. In the corridor there is a first guy.  She takes a gun and shoots the man in the head. The man laying on his chest (with opened eyes). She approaches him and nudges his body with her feet. Then she walks away stepping on the back of the man with careless attitude. 

In the stairs she meets a new man. He is afraid and tries to escape but she shoots him in the back. He falls on his back down the stairs. Sasha puts the gun and goes up, stepping on the chest of the guy. 

In front of the flat door antoher man. She takes off her shoes and walks quietly to the man. She stabs his head with her heels.

He falls on his back.

She puts one foot on the head of the guy rubbing his foot. (10secondes). She says, smiling "You had no chance against me" 

The she enters in the flat stepping on the stomach of the man. 

In the living room, a man with a suitcase comes quietly behind her and aim her with his gun.

She says "you idiot! Give me that!"  

Then Sasha hits the man. He falls on his back.

 She goes to seach the gun. She stands over the man and places her foot on his chest. 

Sasha " Thank you, goodbye loser" and shoots 3 times in his head. 

She crush his wrist to recover the suitcase. She sits on a chair and force the look of the suitcase, she uses  the man like footstool. Then she takes the money.

She standing and puts his foot on the chest of the guy to do a victory pose laughting then she says" Ok let's go the see the boss" 

She leaves, stepping on the stomach of the guy.

Second part (4min):  Sasha is dressed like the first part but with black light pantyhose.

The boss is dressed with a suit.

Sasha comes to the boss office. 

They sit on his the sofa. She gives him the suitcase. 

They drink champain. Sasha put poison in the glass of the boss.

The boss says " congratulation my dear, my enemy are all and with this money i will control all the business, we have to celebrate this !" 

Sasha smiles and says " You mean, my business"...

The man spits blood and suffocate. He tries to escape, crawling on the floor. Sasha takes off her shoes takes a gun and walks to him.

 He is laying on his back and begs for his life. Sasha puts one foot on his face, mocks him and shoots him until his gun is empty.

She does somes victory poses. She puts her feet on his chest and his head. She takes photos with her phone.

Then she return to the sofa, stepping on the stomach of the man.

She puts on her shoes and takes money. Sasha is laughting and says "i'm the boss now, let's go to the work". She leaves the scene, stepping on the chest of the man.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha captures the business

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