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  • Karate Stella vs 6 men

Custom clip request 

I like a custom with Stella please:

Dress would be the karate top, white panties, high boots. Gloves. Hair down no pantyhose.

I’d like a similar theme to “ you better not touch me’ clip which you did a few years back. If possible a similar setting , stairwell, large area and rooftop.

Stella is s black belt karate agent, 

Scene 1 - on the stairs she comes across a guard dispatches him -

Scene 2 - moves onto another guard and defeats him

Scene 3 - comes into large area where she fights 6 men

Scene 4 - into roof area and fights 6 men.

I’ll leave the fight choreography to you but please include lots of repeat face kicks, pinned against wall with boots, 2 held under arm and back kicks, boots around kneel being held by 2 men, handstand onto man , lots of karate chops and high kicks , scorpion kicks.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Karate Stella vs 6 men

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