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I wonder, whether you could do a "Stella vs the Dragon Team" follow-up to "Stella vs the Dragon Brothers", where she wears the exact same outfit, that she had in "Stella vs the Dragon Brothers".  Let's say, up to six male fighters against her,  a couple of fights, increasing in intensity and challenge to her.  Ideally in the same location as the original "Stella vs the Dragon Brothers" or, at least, some gym.  I could script it more ... but you may already know what to do (except ... I give you a couple of English phrases below, they sometimes do not seem to quite work in the translation from Russian ... feel free to use them elsewhere too).

Some English phrases:

For Stella:

"I can beat all of you!"

"Do you really think this is a challenge for me?"

"I warn you: if you start fighting with me, you will get hurt!"

"I warned you!"

"I am stronger than all of you together!"

"You think you are strong men? You are pathetic weaklings!"

"You will be sorry for picking a fight with me!"

"You don't stand a chance against me!"

"See ... I told you, I can beat all of you!"

"Come on!  Punch harder!"

"Is that all you got?"

"I am a girl, but I will win against all of you together!"

"Come on!  Attack me!"

"You may be tough.  But I am much tougher."


"You don't stand a chance!"

"Let's finish her!"

"You are a kocky little girl.  We will punish you for challenging us like that!"

"That didn't hurt!"

"We were just distracted."

"You were lucky."

"You are too confident.  You will regret this."

"We are strong men.  You are just a small girl."

"Let's all coordinate and attack her together!"

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Stella vs Dragon team

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