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  • Agent Casey in trouble

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Casey’s a spy at home (any type of room is fine). She’s heard a noise, comes to investigate and is kicked from behind.

She falls hard and gets up to see her attacker, who says “Tell me who you’re working for or I’ll beat the shit out of you.” She’s confident she’ll kick his ass and they start fighting.

The action goes back and forth – Casey’s tough but the guy’s tougher and she gets worried then scared as he wears her down.

Finally, maybe a minute or so from the end, she’s beaten and exhausted and pleads “You win – no more.” Then she tries getting seductive, hoping to stop him that way. He plays along for a moment… then hits her hard. She knows it’s over and tries to escape but he grabs her and throws her down.

She gets up, weak, and tries to hit him but he blocks her and slugs her hard. She falls, unconscious; he pulls her up, throws her over his shoulder and takes her away.

But Casey is sly....

CLOTHES: Barefoot, with bikini, or bra and panties, or at least a two-piece, in which case I’d like both top and bottom to be as low-cut as possible.

APPEARANCE: With the excuse that it’s a hot night, is it possible to have give her a “wet/sweaty look”, with oil or glycerine?

FIGHTING: Mostly karate-based – kicks and punches – but some regular slugging too. When she’s being dominated, a few slaps and, if possible, some low blows and/or chest hits.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Casey in trouble

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