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  • Invulnerable Casey vs the burglars

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Two thugs are in Caseys house, stuffing some jewelry into a large bag. "I told you this girl has a lot of expensive stuff. And as she was stupid enough to announce doing a marathon, we know she'll be away for several hours. We are rich." one of them gloats.

"You got it all wrong" Casey casually states leaning in the doorframe of the room, much to the surprise of the thugs who were too focussed on looting. "First off, I wasn't running a marathon. My morning routine just happens to be around the same distance. Secondly I would be really disappointed in myself if it took me as much as half an hour. And lastly you are not rich. This is my stuff."

One of the thugs approaches her in a threatening manner. "Try and stop us from leaving with what we have if you dare." She smiles as she places both hands on her hips, still blocking the door. "Ok."

He dismissingly shoves her with one hand, but she doesn't budge. A much harder shove with both hands still fails to move his amused opponent. Slightly puzzled he draws a gun and points it in her direction, but she casually disarms him and carelessly drops his weapon to the floor. "I don't like guns. They are too noisy."

The thug, now visibly angered punches her in the gut. She just smirks. "Harder." He tries a couple more punches, but the smirk never leaves her face and she just keeps asking him to punch harder. Infuriated he starts punching her into the face, but it doesn't change a thing. Eventually he starts a series of fast punches (like during the first fight of Juggernaut Eriny), breathing heavily thereafter. "So that is all you got? Poor you."

The thug looks at his partner, who is armed with a bat but doesn't quite understand what is going on. "What are you waiting for? Beat her up!" he snaps, still out of breath. His partner and Casey approach each other and he hits her a couple of times, but it is very obvious that he fails to hurt her in the slightest. "Are you even trying?" He keeps trying, becoming more and more angry. Eventually he drops the bat, confused by the lack of effect of hits blows. The first thug used the time to recover and attempts to surprise Casey by stabbing his knife at her from behind, but it fails to penetrate her skin. She turns to him with a smirk and he tries another stab. She just shrugs looking at the knife. "Doesn't seem very effective, does it?" In desperation he uses his hist to try and hammer the knife into her body, but Casey just raises an eyebrow in amusement.

The second thug gathers his courage and grabs the heavy bag with the stolen goods to forcefully slam it against the back of Caseys head in a wide arc. She seems slightly annoyed, approaches him and, ignoring his attempt to push her arm aside, effortlessly lifts him by his neck with a single hand. "Listen, I don't mind you ruining your own stuff against my body, but my possessions are off limits. Is that clear?" The thug is scared to death and can't talk as she is effectively choking him, but he nods frantically and she lets him go and starts smiling again. "Good."

The first thug darted for his gun in the meantime and fires three shots at her back while she is still looking at his partner. She sights as she turns and slowly approaches him and slithly tilts her head. "Didn't I ask you not you use that thing?" As she almost reaches him he fires the remaining shots at her face at basically point-blank range. She patiently waits until it clicks empty before she grabs it and we can hear her crushing and dropping it. "Maybe you want to apologize?" she asks the thug, raising her eyebrows with a smirk.

The thug is clearly in panic, but isn't willing to give up yet. Searching for weak spot he punches or karate chops her throat. "If that was meant to be an apology, I don't accept it." Casey states with dismissive amusement, completely unaffected by his attack. He uses the index and middle finger of his right hand to forcefully slam them into her eyes, but only manages to hurt his fingers. "Don't make me laugh." Finally he grabs her by the shoulders and we see her amused face as we hear his knee forcefully connecting with her body (screen shaking) and he whimpers in pain. "Pathetic. Is that your best?"

Casey waits a few seconds if he starts another attempt, but as he is just holding his aching knee she eventually loses her patience. "Well, I guess it is my turn then."

Taking her time she slowly approaches him with a sweet smile. As she grabs his shoulders he realizes what is about to happen and tries to protect his groin with his hands, but when she smashes her knee into that area there is still an audible crack and his eyes bulge. He drops to the ground and loses his conciousness, unable to cope with the pain. Casey pays him no more attention and turns to face the other thug again, but notices the window is open and he apparently fled with the loot bag.

He is indeed attempting to escape in his truck, but Casey easily catches up and places herself in front of the vehicle, causing it to crash into her. In the last scene we see her casually walking down the street with the lot bag over her shoulder, probably with some smoke in the background.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Invulnerable Casey vs the burglars

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