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Custom clip request 

I'd like Stella to wear that exact same outfit in Stella humiliates the coach. I want her hair tied for the fighting. She can have it loose at the start and tie it later or tied for the whole clip. Your choice. Similar makeup as Smile attachments, including shade of lipstick. She wears the same black mules. Lots of closeups of her feet being arched. Man wears a mask and casual outfit. Same actor. I've included all the usual attachments.

Fighting is like attachments. I like the fighting in Bionic Alexa. Could you do that again and also do the punches and kicks while standing still. Slow motion as well. Maybe 1/3rd of the clip is physical fighting. Also the way the burglar made sounds of pain throughout the clip was very good. Could he repeat that. Stella can laugh a few times during the clip.


Burglar enters the room and goes through the draws. He looks around the room but there is no one there. Camera POV looking left and right. He takes something from the draws and runs for it. You decide how far he gets.(If you can, include POV during this.) He acts like he's being pulled back. Sound effect of invisible force. He yells No! a few times and tries to fight it. He starts yelling. Sounds effects get louder. 

He can't hold on and starts stumbling back. He comes back to room, acting like he's being forced. Tripping over, bumping into walls, etc.

When he gets back to the room he falls down. Close up of his face. He looks forward. Camera is at floor level and moves to reveal Stellas shoe(just one) closeup. Followed by a POV shot. Camera slowly goes up her body until her face is visible. Pov shot2 attachment. She grabs him and lifts him off the ground. Shot of his feet and hers at same time.

POV shot of her face. She says "Hello again, Darling. You never learn do you. Well? Do you surrender?" He shakes his head.

She says "Every time" She rolls her eyes and uses her mind control to shove him across the room. This goes for a few minutes. Then she picks up the item and takes it back to the draw. He tries to attack her again while she goes to the draw. He falls backwards again. She doesn't even turn around to look. 

For a while longer he gets shoved around while she stands there watching. Close ups of her shoes, legs, face throughout. (base this on Alexa clip attach)

If possible she also sits with legs crossed. Closeups of her shoes. Sometimes kicking.

Stella says "Ok. No powers. Come on. Fair fight. If you beat me I'll let you go."

They fight. As always she either dodges his attacks or blocks them. I'd like to see some of both. And she gets him with punches, knees and kicks. 

Man is lying on his back and Stella stands with one shoe on his throat. Close up POV of her face and mans face.Repeat 2 or 3 times. I'd like Stellas face to almost cover the screen just like the attachments. POV 1 and 3

Please include my favourite scene with the stool. Camera is angled so the wrinkles on her foot are visible. Refer to attachments. Show both side of foot. Also legs and face. At least 5 minutes. She can mix dodging his attacks with using her powers. Some laughter. In my last custom with Alexa the camera was out of focus during some close ups of her shoe on the stool. I'd like it to be focused this time. Could Stella do Arch5 as much as possible.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Bionic Stella

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