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  • Eriny fights wearing pink skirt

Custom clip request 

I'm thinking of scheduling a shoot for the next sunny day with Eriny. I am going to leave most of the storyline up to you and only specify the details I care about. Please surprise me.

Script details:

10-15 mins shoot

Eriny needs to fight her way past multiple henchmen in order to escape. Can be the same guy or guys in multiple consecutive fight scenes.

Please keep Eriny moving, her focus should be to fight to the point where she disables her attacker, then try to run/escape.

Fights should be fairly even, with Eriny both giving and receiving hits.

There should be lots of motion from Eriny: tumbling, spinning, high kicks and leg sweeps, running, falling.

Avoid grappling, holds, pinning, or moves where Eriny is standing still helpless.

Bonus if you can find a shoot location where Eriny can use the environment against her opponents, examples:

- Climbing on top of a high location and jump kicking.

- Climbing a ladder and fighting back against an opponent trying to grab her from below

- Using stair rails / poles to kick harder

Costume details:

Eriny is in the black&pink skirt, with pink side facing out and black side facing in. 

Fitted top with bare midriff, short sleeves.

Sexy underwear, as revealing as possible.

No pantyhose like last time.

Shoot details:

Please shoot outdoors, in full sunlight, like last time.

Please choose location with good sun and no shadows cast by trees and buildings.

Please iron the skirt before the shoot.

Please pay attention to position of sun: sun should be behind camera to get the best footage, please do not shoot against the sun as it darkens everything and blurs the footage.

If possible, please have a few upskirt POV shots when Eriny are doing high kicks, and do a few close ups of the skirt while fighting.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

Full HD (1920 - 1080)

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Eriny fights wearing pink skirt

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