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  • Stella pushes her fists into Eriny's stomach

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Girlfriend of one of the thugs who punched Eriny many times in the stomach in "Eriny likes to be punched" cannot understand how she was able to take all those punches from her boyfriend.

She has an idea when Eriny comes again and wants to be punched again.

Eriny knocks on the door when she is there and comes in and wants to be punched again but wants to know where the guys are.  The girlfriend tells Eriny I'm here to punch you, but that she probably cannot punch like her boyfriend, but would like to try something.

She puts Eriny in a head lock and hits her head against the wall.

Eriny is now dizzy and cannot concentrate to keep her stomach tight.

She then begins punching Eriny in the stomach and they are really felt by Eriny.  She realizes that it won't take many punches to make Eriny go unconscious so she begins only pushing her fists into Erinys untight stomach to "make her last".

Erinys stomach caves in from the pushes and her whole body bows from the force of the pushes. 

Even though they are just pushes, since Eriny cannot tighten her stomach the pushes are like real punches and she reacts to each push like a real punch to the stomach.

She pushes rights, lefts, and rights and lefts into Erinys stomach continually in different positions.

    Standing in the middle of the room.

    Against the wall.

    Sitting on the floor with her back against the wall.

    Being pulled up and against the wall again, but this time a fist must be in her stomach all the time, or she will slip back down to the floor.

        As soon as one fist is pulled out the other is pushed in to keep her in the standing position and against the wall.

    Being finished off and falls into an unconscious sleep while laying flat on the floor.

Even though the pushes are being felt by Eriny as real punches, and she is still dizzy from the hit on the head, she still shows that she continues to enjoy the deep pushing into her untight stomach as if they were real punches into her tight stomach.

If possible, have 50% of pushes to be in slow motion to show Erinys stomach and torso being pushed in and pushed back by the pushing fists. You can film close up from below and in front, and from the side. (You did some of this in a video with Lora where she took many stomach punches from a thug because of a bet, while being in white pants and a striped top with her stomach being exposed). 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Stella pushes her fists into Eriny's stomach

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