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Crystal sits on the sofa at home, slippers on his feet and black socks.At this time, two bandits entered the room,The bandits said: follow us, the boss will see you.Crystal: "boss didn't tell you, I have superpowers, very dangerous.You help me bring my high heels to help me, I let go of you."A gangster took high heels to the sofa, Crystal on the sofa, and the gangster helped her to change slippers and high-heeled shoes.Crystal clamped the gangster's head with his legs. The robbers struggled, and another gangster took out his ! to prepare for the shooting.Crystal laughed and said, "you don't want to live?"In a moment the ! of the bandits became a cell phone. Crystal was happy to laugh,Say: give me the cell phone.The gangster gave the phone to Crystal and Crystal called the phone: "put my sister out, or you would all destroy."Then she put the phone on the bandits' mouth, and the robbers said, "boss, save me."Crystal began to caress the bandit's head slowly, then squeezed it hard, his head began to bleed, and then exploded.Crystal stands up, carries the satchel, prepares to go out, walks to the doorway.Then he turned to smile and said to another bandit, "forget you."Then she walked towards the gangsters, and the gangsters backed away, and a walked up to the bandits. The bandits are trembling,Crystal suddenly made a grimace. He fell on his knees and hugged a's legs. He begged not to destroy him.Crystal laughed and said, "no destroy you, I'm going to go to my sister,"Then she walked towards the door. Suddenly, the robbers pulled out their !

and shot at the back of Crystal,Crystal shook her head helplessly. She turned her head, her eyes fired hot rays, and hit the gangster's head.The bandit's head exploded,Crystal said: I really have superpower.


There are two bandits in the room. Eriny was tied to a chair,The bandits fist on the Eriny stomach, and the Eriny mouth bleeds,The bandits said, "no one can save you. You are destroyed."At that time,Crystal knocked at the door and went into the room with a satchel.Suddenly a gangster hugged Crystal from behind and Crystal pretended to struggle.Another bandit came to caress Crystal's face and thigh, and the two bandits laughed proudly.Crystal laughed and said, "I'm Crystal."The gangster ran to the corner of the room in fear, and Crystal walked to the side of Eriny.Crystal Untie the rope and say, "you also have superpowers, if you put on your socks."Then Eriny put on socks and shoes. (close-up),Crystal said: you can destroy them. Eriny said: can I do it?Eriny walked toward the gangster, and the two bandits took aim at the destroy. Eriny began to fear.Crystal says: "there is nothing that can hurt you."When the robbers opened fire, Eriny was not hurt. Eriny laughed happily and then went to the two gangsters.A gangster attacked with his hand. Eriny grabbed his hand and broke it.The other hand attacks, and it is broken.Eriny used his feet to grip the bandits' neck and fixed them on the wall, so that the gangster left their feet off the ground.Another bandits cling to Eriny 's supporting feet,Eriny said, "if you want to save him, then destroy you."The bandits on the wall fell to the ground,Eriny The thigh was stuck in the head of another gangster.The bandits began to struggle to beat Eriny's thighs with both hands,Eriny said, "sister, can I destroy them?"Crystal says, you can destroy anyone.Then Eriny  said to the robbers, "you hit me, that's the price."Then twist the thigh, the neck fracture.Then  Eriny ran to a and was ready to go out with Crystal.Suddenly one of the other gangsters was still alive.Crystal said, "you can try your hot rays",Eriny suddenly turned his head and fired out the heat rays, and the gangster exploded.Eriny was surprised to cover his mouth,Crystal said: we are goddesses, no one can hurt us.And then leave


In the hallway, they met a bandits,Crystal went over and tied the neck of the robbers with his thigh and broke it.(I do not specify the details, the performers are free to perform),Another bandit was bent over his waist and peeking,Eriny disappeared, and Eriny rode on his back,It broke the neck of the bandits.A bandits came out again, Crystal said, "bangs,",Then the bandits' head exploded.Then Eriny  and Crystal  stepped on his body and left,Finally, a gangster came to see him and trembled with fear.Then Crystal and Eriny come to him and make some tempting moves,Then turn around and leave,After a few steps,Eriny said, "bangs,"Then, behind the bandits, his head exploded.

Eriny said, "It's fun."


Boss and a bandits are in the room, Crystal and Eriny open the door (Crystal with a satchel),Boss begins to fear,Crystal and Eriny sit on the Sofa,Crystal said, "your brother is all destroyed."Eriny  said, "we are tired of playing. Take off our shoes for us. We can't destroy you."Then boss and the bandits help them take off their shoes, respectively. (close-up),The bandits take off Crystal's shoes,The bandits hold Crystal's feet and begin to caress slowly.Crystal kicked him off and said, "don't touch me.",The bandits fall to the ground,Crystal stands up and begins to float away from the ground.(the legs do not move vertically when floating.),Floating through the body of the bandits,Landing in front of the head of the bandits,(Bandits' perspective:Feet landing,From the bottom up,Crystal stared at him.Crystal protruded a foot on the bandits' head,The bandits were flapping their hands and trying to move the Crystal's feet,invalid, Crystal changes the movement and holds the bandits' head with two feet,The bandits continue to struggle,At this time the a satchel phone rang,Crystal said to the phone, "Mom, OK, we'll go home right away."At this time,The bandits lay on the ground with !s on the ground, and he got the !.Aiming at the head of  Crystal,Shooting,The bullet fell to the ground.Crystal doesn't seem to happen to anything,Hang up the phone and put it back in the bag.Then look at the bandits and Say: "you go to death"Then Crystal wrenched the bandits' neck with feet.boss wants to run away,

 Eriny stopped him,Eriny spoiled and Say: "can you hold me by the princess?I can let you pass",BOSS put Eriny  up and put it on the sofa,Eriny said to boss: "help me off a stocking,Only left foot socks",Then boss kneels and takes off a Eriny sock.Eriny stood up and began to float,Hold boss's head with her thighs(Similar to the last act of  flying schoolgirl),Boss began to struggle, his hands accidentally hit Eriny's buttocks and skirts.

Eriny shyly cover his mouth, say:" Don't touch me".And then break the neck of boss and use the thighs(In this process, Eriny is floating all the time.) Eriny feet landing, Crystal said, "our socks are dirty. Take off and go home again."Eriny said: "it's very simple, we're too powerful."Eriny and  Crystal do some sexy showcases, take off socks.Proud to leave

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Flying Goddesses Stella & Eriny

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