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  • Eriny with the dumb bells

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Eriny exercises using dumb bells in the Gym. She lifts one of them up and down with one hand with ease.

There is a strong guy doing the same. He is trying to impress Eriny. Eriny is asking him for a «duel» with the dumb bells – who can excercise longer?

They both start at the same time. Eriny bows her arm back and forth with ease, smiling sweetly. After a short time, the man begins to show signs of exhaustion. Eriny not! She continues, doing conversation, as if the excercise was a walk in the park. She sais things like: „ I will defeat you, big boy!“ „I am much stronger than you!“ „I will declassify you!“

Fade out / Fade in

Sign: «30 minutes later…»

Eriny goes on effortlessly as before - while he tries to cope with her. His face is distorted.

She takes up a second dumb bell and goes on with both hands – smiling with ease.

She sais: „I am so strong! Do you like that? I think you do. When I was a little girl I beat up men like you. Then I commanded them to kiss my feet...“

Eriny strips her shoes from her feet (with the other foot), crosses her legs. She teases him by showing him her feet, sexyily smiling. Without stopping with the dumb bells.

He looks as if he is going to die from exhaustion.

Fade out / Fade in

Sign: «Another 30 minutes later….»

She is still practicing with ease and very constantly. He still tries to cope with her, moaning, panting and sweating. He finally crashes down, falls tot he floor, his nose very near her feet. She leaves her feet where they are, moves them a little before his face – still lifting the dumb bells.

She asks him if he wants to continue but he shakes his head.

She commands him to kiss her feet. He does, mumbling: «Oooh – you are so strong!!»

Eriny never stops lifting the dumb bells.

She finally puts the dumb bells down, puts her foot on his head and does the victroy pose, showing her muscles.

Fade out / Fade in

Eriny beats a man to pulp with her fist. In the other hand she carries a dumb bell which she lifts constantley up and down whenever the man went down. As soon as he is on his legs again, she continues hitting him.

She clamps his head in the bow of her arm and shows him, how she lifts and lowers the dumb bell. «Do you see how strong I am? Do you like it?»

She lets him go, he falls on the floor.

She takes a near chair, sits down, strips her shoes from her feet (with the other foot) and facekicks him with her bare pantyhosed feet. Between the facekicking, she constantley lifts the dumb bell.

After a while the man begs for mercy and kisses Eriny's feet. She continues with the dumb bells."

Eriny should wear the same outfit as in the beginning of "Eriny vs 3 champions - the competition between the gyms": White shirt, black skirt and black pantyhose. She should show the same sexy attitude as in "Eriny vs 3 champions - the competition between the gyms"

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny with the dumb bells

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