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  • Eriny and Alexa captured and subdued the little one

Custom clip request 

Here's the script! 

Models: Alexa and Eriny

Men: 1 guy - no mask

Costumes: Black short tight dresses.  Dark sheer pantyhose.  Stilletos with thin soles (like Eriny wears in Likes To Be Punched). Hair down for both models, please

Superior Height done with a stool a two camera shots, please.

Scenario: Eriny and Alexa are beautiful amazon seductresses. They capture and seduce men.  In this scene, they capture a detective who has been on the trail to discovering their secret.


1. Eriny and Alexa are seated with their beautiful legs crossed.

2. Eriny: "The detective is close to exposing our secret.  I think it's time we show him what he seeks."

    Alexa: "Yes, my queen.  What are your orders?"

    Eriny: "Find our handsome detective.  Capture him and bring him to me. Together we shall break him and make him ours."

    Alexa: "With pleasure, my queen."

3. Alexa unfolds her legs and stands. She starts to exit.

4. Eriny: "Alexa! Be gentle with him my dear."

5. Alexa: With a wicked laugh "Always, my queen. He shall be a baby in my arms"


Fade in:

6. Our detective is examining data on his phone as he continues his investigation.

7. He doesn't seem Alexa looming over him from behind.

8. She grabs his chin and pulls him against her chest.  Her other arm seizes his device.  He struggles against her grip, but it's useless.

9.  Shot of his feet dangling.

10. "Hello, little one" she whispers in his ear.

11.  She squeezes the phone and we hear the crushing sound.  She drops the now useless device and wraps that arm around him.

12. "Yes.  Struggle! I have you."

13. She releases his chin and wraps that arm around him.  She has him in a bear hug from behind now. His arms are pinned.  She begins to squeeze. She smiles enjoying it.

14.  "You're mine"

15. She continues to squeeze him until he is out in her arms. She holds him helpless.

16.  "Come, little one. Your new Queen awaits."

Black out.

Fade in:

17. Both Amazons are sitting in their chairs with their beautiful legs crossed. They are awaiting the detective to awaken.  He is out on the floor before them.

18.  Eriny: "Excellent work, my dear.  I hope he didn't give you too much trouble"

      Alex (looking at her captive): "He was a baby in my arms"

19.  The detective  begins to wake up.  He sees two beautiful amazons with gorgeous crossed legs. He can't believe it.

20. Eriny: "Welcome, my pet.  You've been looking for us for quite some time.  Well, here we are. I am the Amazon queen and you are now mine."

21. He tries to look away.  They are so beautiful.

22. Eriny: "You can't resist us.  Look at us, darling.  Give in to my beauty. When we're done with you, you will be all mine. "

23.  He stands up defiantly.  

24.Eriny is pleased "Good.  A challenge.  It will be a joy to break you. Alexa, my dear, show our guest just how helpless he is."

25.  Alexa smiles and slowly stands to her full height.  She walks up to him slowly, like a predator. She stops inches from his face.  He only comes up to her chest.  

26. She takes his chin and tilts it up at her. "Hello, again, little one."

27.  He makes a run for the door.

28.  Alexa calmly follows him  Eriny is enjoying this.

29.  The door is locked.  Alexa calmly turns him around and lifts him off his feet from under his armpits. She looks up at her prize. "mine"

30. Shot of his feet dangling.

31. Eriny stands up and slowly walks over to them.

32. Eriny: "You see now, how you're no match for Alexa. She has you.  You are hers until she releases you."

33.  Alexa slams him up against the wall and holds him there suspended.

34. Eriny: "You see, we can't have you interfering with our plans.  You will become ours or you will be crushed."

35.  She nods at Alexa who releases him.  He slumps against the wall.

36.  Eriny steps up to him slowly, like a cat.  She takes his head in her hands gently and caresses it. "Poor baby.  Alexa is quite strong and beautiful.  Don't you think? Now let me show you what I can do."

37.  She takes his chin in her hand and slowly lifts him up against the wall.

38. We see his feet dangle again.

39. She lowers him to the ground and gently takes him in her arms.  She squeezes once. The breath is momentarily knocked out of him. She holds him here. 

40. Eriny: "I could crush you right now, If I chose.  But why be crushed when you can be mine? Look at Alexa's legs."

41.  Alexa is slowly crossing her legs seducing him.

42. Eriny: "You could be hers this very moment if you just give yourself to me."

43. Eriny holds him a little tighter then throws him across the floor towards Alexa's legs.

44. Eriny goes back to her seat sits slowly but doesn't cross her legs.

45. He's trying to get himself off the ground but struggling from being weakened. He places his hand on Eriny's lap to pull himself up.  She smiles and crosses her leg capturing his hand she begins to squeeze.

46. Eriny: "Who do you belong to, little one?"

47. He struggles but finally gives in.  

48. She releases his hand: "Good boy.  Alexa, take him."

49. Alexa gets up and lifts him to a bear hug facing her.  His arms are pinned to his sides. His feet dangle off the ground.

50. Eriny: "Now Alexa will squeeze you.  Because you have given yourself to me, she will not crush you. Proceed, my dear"

51. Alexa squeezes him until he is out. She releases him and he slides down her body to the floor.  Alexa sits and crosses her legs.  The two amazons smile at their new prize.


Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny and Alexa captured and subdued the little one

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