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The plot: Several girls top models have been captured and  Crystal Carter is in the list, but she had extracted info previously from Bulldog's brother, who worked to Mr. Igor an  evil man in the business of white woman trade, he wants collect to all top models to sell them to riches men around the world, he only need get to Crystal Carter the number one top model in the list, but he never knew than she has been hired to shut down all his organization and bring back to all girls, much perils will wait Crystal Carter, but she will use her secret identity "The Agent Fashion" to finish her job.

Introduction scene 1: The screen start with focusing the ground and sound of a man getting beat down (sound only) when a man body come down over the ground, a Bulldog's brother fall unconscious over his back, then a red female heel is planted over the man's chest (camera raise up focusing the red heel over man’s chest, long leg, slender body and Crystal's face looking down her defeated man and later camera make a foreground in from Crystal still in victory pose) and she take her cell phone and make a call "My lady mayor, I just get info from an old friend, he's sleeping now" (camera focus to unconscious man with the Crystal's heel over his chest), "Yes I will info to you where all the girls are, so you can to send the police", "Don't forget my fee is expensive", "What ?you already did deposit the 50% on my bank account, Thanks my lady mayor, I like to do business with you". Then Crystal make a second call "Hello Mr. Hill, yes, I'm going to photo session right now”, (camera make a foreground of Crystal in victory pose) "You stay here, I will back soon" Then Crystal left the room.

Introduction scene 2: Crystal Carter is at Mr. Hill's studio she is wearing a long coat, "Ok miss Carter we will begin now" Mr. Hill say. Then Crystal takeoff her coat and left looks the red one-piece swimsuit with the slim belt and red heels, "This one is a brand new from Yandy's 2018 swimwear collection and one of the more expensive" say Mr. Hill, and Crystal respond "Yeah is lovely and my favorite color". Then Mr. Hill start to photo shoots "That's, a smile, prefect, let me see your face, nice, spin, beautiful". In this moment enter Mr. Igor and his bodyguard at studio saying "Crystal Carter the top model number 1, beautiful", then Crystal say "What happen here?" Mr. Hill respond "Sorry miss Carter but Mr. Igor want of you go with him", then his bodyguard show his gun, Mr. Igor move behind her saying "I won’t to hurt my goods so than I have somewhat special" Mr. Igor take Crystal by her waist and cover her nose and mouth with white kerchief. MMhhh! Crystal try get free but slowly she passes out at his arms. Mr. Igor order to his bodyguard "Take her…with care" the bodyguard lift her in his arms. Mr. Igor look her and say "My collection of beautiful women is done", then Mr. Hill give to Mr. Igor the Crystal handbag saying "It is from her". Mr. Igor say "Your money is ready" and Mr. Igor and his bodyguard left the room carrying to Crystal. (Camera will focus the man carry to Crystal and Mr. Igor behind him both men go to exit and black screen)

Language:  Russian with English subtitles 

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