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  • Weakling in the ring. Part III

Custom clip request

Type of video: One sided boxing and wrestling. Video consists of multiple short boxing matches ending with KO and victory pose and one short and one longer wrestling and MMA video. Victim is always the same guy. Eriny wears the same clothing. Eriny Clothing: Denim-hotpants from „Super powerful Eriny“ or other ones but must be very short and should not have a high waist, studded belt from „Never fight with barefoot karate girls“, tight black short tank-top or sports bra, belt and belly must be visible, lipstick from „Eriny is a neckcracker. Part II“, White or black sneakers preferred higher ones. That ones from „Powerful Lesley“ are also good, fishnet pantyhose, not the black boxing boots from „Weakling in the ring“ Attitude: Aggressive, angry, sadistic, sometimes arrogant and laughing about the victim Male actor Male Should not look sportive. Clothing could state this, too. May be shorts and T-shirt should be too loose, use your ideas. A victim. Remarks: 
 -She should never take off the gloves 
 -Nice to have: Add some fake blood or blue or black color to fake bruises to the faces of the victims during the fight 

-If the actors are able to perform other throws then shoulder throws you may vary the technique in last fight -If you can influence this by choosing the light please avoid Eriny’s glove to look like pink 
 -The classic boxing gloves should be strong red or black without a white section. Not those ones from „Weekling In The Ring II“. The same ones without the white would be perfect. That ones from „Weekling In The Ring I“ would be alright but you may also use black ones from former videos with Laura. -Boxing boots: Not those ones from „Weakling in the ring“, any other black or white sneakers, preferred higher ones 
 -It would be very good if she shouts when she punches (Laura did it perfectly). But it should not be unwanted funny. Love it if it won’t get well. This is your decision. -Victory poses not to short. At least 10 seconds. Also longer if she feels good with it. Her hot pants and legs should also be visible. This was always good in the previous videos. 
 -I sometimes wrote „shows her teeth“ as a signal of aggression. Leave it if Eriny thinks that is not her’s. The same for sticking out the tongue -Feel free to modify the script. Please remove or replace things that will not look like reality 

Have a look at this clip: When I talk about bullying in the last Fight, it could like the guy in this video tyrannizing another one. Eriny should be as dominant but should punch him more and not letting him that much breaks. If the script is too short and there is time left add another one sided fight with KO ending and victory pose.

Fight 1: 
 Eriny: Black boxing gloves Male: Blue boxing gloves Show Eriny coming closer from the guy’s point of view. She has her fists up and shows her teeth and clashes her boxing gloves (description from last mail) 

with one very hard punch to frighten him. After some seconds let her do another punch like this. During this she looks very angry and aggressive. She can’t wait to knock him out. Now the camera position changes to show him. He watches her like a rabbit a snake. When she comes closer he takes up the gloves just to protect his head. She starts with 2 or 3 punches to the body to open his poor defense, then she boxes him with various hard punches. After a jab or cross to the face, he goes down the first time. But he is not completely out. She stands in front of him active and ready to fight (see Image) and can’t wait to deliver more punches to him. Let her still look very aggressive here.  

Before he is really up she continues the punching. After approximately 8 punches of boxing along the room she knocks him out. She places one foot on his body and flexes her biceps to the camera (at least 10 seconds). Fight 2
 Eriny: Black boxing gloves Male: Blue boxing gloves 

This time show him first standing and felling not very well about the idea to fight again with her. Then show her. She is laughing about him, because he is stupid to try another match her. Then she shows him her biceps (all from his point of view). Now show him and her coming into the camera view and directly attacking him with hard punches. After some one sided boxing action (20-30 seconds) she knocks him out with a hard jab or cross. But he is not completely out, but on his four. Then she directly attacks him with 5 mounted punches similar to video attached to the mail. Images are capture from the video. 

After the last one, he lies KO on floor. Then she does some victory posing with and without her foot on his chest to the camera (also looking into the camera). Fight 3
 Eriny: Black boxing gloves   Male: Blue boxing gloves This is a very short match. It starts like the previous one (but instead of showing him her biceps she 

clashes the boxing gloves). After a short time (more or less 10 punches) she knocks him out with a very hard punch so there is no doubt he is completely out. She starts laughing devilish and is very amused about him, because it was again so easy to knock him out. When she starts to do victory posing, she is very proud about her superiority, feels very strong and also sexy and smiles devilish to the camera. Let her do a variety of victory posing, all with one or both arms biceps flexing, but she is showing different view on her body, also from backside with and without one foot (please never try both) on his lifeless body. Fight 4: 
 Eriny: Black boxing gloves Male: Blue boxing gloves He is doing a workout at the punching bag in the gym. It’s easy to see that he has no power and his punches are slow and weak. She comes closer and starts punching the same punching bag. Her punches are very hard. He is going 2 steps backward to get not injured. After some punches hitting the back she attacks him and sends him to the ground with a single hook to the face. He stands app directly and tries to get away from her but she does not let him to go in distance and after a few punches he goes to the ground again. 

Now he is on his four and looks up to her while she stands in from of him and shows him both arm’s biceps in victory, shortly. He tries to get up. During this she already waits to for him to continue the punching similar to this image: 

She doesn’t let him get up and follows him without any mercy. She knocks him down during his getting up. Repeat his scene: he again wants to get up and is boxed to the ground again. She picks him up to KOs him with a „mounted punch“ (see attached video). Then she does some victory posing by flexing her biceps. Fight 4A: 
 Eriny: Black boxing gloves Male: Blue boxing gloves
 This should be the shortest fight. She attacks him and knocks him out with the fourth punch and does some victory posing. Fight 5: 
 Eriny: MMA boxing gloves Male: No boxing gloves 

He entered the gym and founds Eriny is also there, what is a bad surprise for him. She loves to KO him but she also likes to dominate and frighten him before. While smiling sadistically, she shows him both arms biceps. shortly, the then she directly goes to closer to him and the fight begins by her giving him 2 punches to the face. She directly throws him to the ground with a shoulder throw. Mounts him up into a sleeper hold like on the image. Camera position could also be similar. Let him show that he suffers. She is amused. Let her smile devilish or something like that. After 15 

 seconds he is out. She gets up and does a victory pose with foot on hist chest and both arms flexing. Fight 6: 
 Eriny: MMA boxing gloves Male: No boxing gloves He walks on his way in the gym with his sports back and dos not feel very well. This is because Eriny walks behind him and he knows she will terrorize him. Show this from front site to see him worried and Eriny 

amused about it. She starts walking faster, overtakes him, and starts boxing him. His reaction is just to change his direction but she attacks him again and after she hits him his sports back is falling to the ground. As a signal of non respect she kicks away his sports back (a really hard kick) and attacks him with more punches. He does not want trouble, but Eriny wants. This action is similar to the youtube-video (link video 1) and attached video „OneSidedPunching. Please include more action like in this first part of the video: He is getting hunted and gets many punches and just wants to get of this situation and Eriny is amused about every punch hitting to poor guy. Until here he already got some hard punches but it’s more a bullying than a fight. If you think this will get well you may also add her pushing him. She starts a fight with classic wrestling push & pull (see image). But it’s easy to see that she is absolutely superior moving him however she wants. So it’s just a push. She demonstrates her superiority by shoving him around the room, choking him and throw him to ground (use your ideas for this kind of wrestling). This may look like on the following images 

Let her dominate him with this kind of „standing wrestling“ Then she crashes him to the ground with a shoulder throw She pulls him up and throws him to the round again. Now he holds his back with his hand and has much pain. But she pulls him up to execute a third shoulder throw. When he lays on the ground she picks him up and gives him several „mounted punches“ (see attached video) with a final one sending him to the ground exactly in the attached video. 

The she pulls him up again, catches his throat and collars him and moves him to the wall in this way. (a few meters). Arrived there, she holds his throat with the left hand and presses him to the wall in this way and shows him the right arms biceps (flexing). Show it also from side, so her dominant smiling can be seen (if she just looks aggressive and no smiling there, it would also be good, your decision). Still pressing him to the wall by his throat, she gives to uppercuts to the stomach with the other hand. Then she goes into a very deeper karate- like-stance and gives a hard punch to his stomach with a shouts „Huugh“, also karate like. He squirms with pain. She pushes him back to the wall and repeats the punch in the same way. When he squirms in pain again, she easily gets him into a choke and strangulates him badly and goes some steps with him in the choke. Then she flexes on arms biceps to the camera and smiles (also look into the camera) and still chokes him with the other arm. Without letting him get up, she sends him to the ground with downward elbow. He holds his back in pain. [The following is some wrestling action. Please modify it e.g use other holds if you think this will not look realistic or if you keep it for too dangerous] 

She catches his leg to hold him in a „One Leg Boston Grap“. Show that he has pain and let him tap out non stop and let her ignore it. May be let him scream. She enjoys her superiority and laughs or smiles. 

Then she lets him lay on the ground and does some classic victory posing to the camera with a superior smiling (all with closed fists). During this he is standing up and runs to the door. She isn’t running but walking straight and fast to him (she knows he won’t get out). He tries to open the door in panic but it’ locked snd she is coming closer. Now switch to the camera perspective you keep for best. He gives up escaping through the door and continues running because she get closer. During his escape attempts he picks up a baseball bat from the floor. He stands and tries to beat or her (it would also 

be OK when he just threatens her) with the bat, but in fact he is just frightening. She easily catches the baseball bat and throws it away and starts some sadistic laughing (replace the baseball bat by something else if you do not have one). He starts running again and takes a chair (replace the chair by something different if you are afraid to destroy something in the gym). He holds the chair to protect himself but again she easily gets it and throws it away and laughed about him again. Then she she takes up her fists and looks very aggressive. I fact she enjoys he is frightening. He tries to run away but she is too close and gets him after a few meters and directly starts boxing him. She punches him up and down the room for some meters and then she sends him on his knees with a hard punch to the solar with her right fist. He is on his knees and squirms in pain. She smiles, is standing straddle legged, has her left arm on her hips and proudly shows him her right arms biceps by flexing it. Still on his knees he starts to beg for mercy (no text or subtitles, just with his hands). She starts laughing about him loudly. Then she answers with some punches similar to the „mounted punches“ before: She holds his head or hair with one hand to punch him the other one while he is still on his knees. Let her punch 

him four times where the final punch send him to lay on the ground. He lies on his back. She catches his feet and takes tup his legs to place one foot on his groin and makes him cry in pain. She smiles and enjoyed it. Then she does a victory pose (both arms). 

The she force him to stand up by some kicks. Because it’s difficult to let it look like reality, let her hit him with the soles. He gets up slowly. She forces him to stand up faster by hair pulling (or your ides). When he is up the next boxing begins and again he is getting punched backward a few meters. Finally she sends him to the ground with a hook or a cross or a jab. He lies on the ground prone. (If there is some time free, you might add other scenes of domination wrestling, here ) She takes his arm with both hands and breaks his arm or shoulder by turning the arm. This could look a little bit similar to the scene from „Faster Pussycat“. You may do it natter way. if you think this will get better. Add a sound for the breaking bone. 

Then she breaks his leg like in the following image. Please add a sound again: 

Then she turns him to lie on his back. This is very painful to him because he is injured badly. She goes down and finishes with mounted punches and ground and pound. Then she does a both arm victory posing while she is still sitting on him. The she stands up and continues the victory posing with her foot on his chest. She continue celebrating her victory with biceps flexing in different sexy poses. Let her pick him up to break his neck. After this killing, she continues to do victory poses.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Weakling in the ring. Part III

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