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Custom clip request 

Please no slow motion or replay – no POV

Man who plays in « win the date » (fight 3) is wearing a jean and a t-shirt (no mask).

He is a champ. he is arrogant and overconfident and he is training with another man – the rookie (with muscles if possible maybe Erick ? – wearing jean and tshirt – no mask).

A woman (woman of your choice) comes in and offer them to fight.

Guys smile. They mock the girl. She is too weak and can’t win again real men like them.

Champ thinks it’s a good opportunity for the rookie to be trained sot hey accept. 

Match begins :

1st round : 4 min

The rookie takes off his tshirt. He flex showing his biceps. Girl shows her biceps, men laugh. 

Rookie is dominant at the beginning, he hits her few times. Champ support him. Girl manages to hit him few times but the rookie manages to fight back and hit the girl who fall on the ground.

The rookie highfive with the champ, flex and puts his hands on his hips. He taunts the girl (always on the ground) asking her : «  it’s all you can do ? » Men laugh and the girl takes benefit of it to hit the Rookie’s groin. Rookie is in pain and slowly fall on his knees. Gilr gets up and hits the rookie’s head.

The lady invites him to get up, Rookie is dizzy and she finish him with few hits on his abs and an uppercut. Rookie is out. She counts 3.

2nd round : 6 min

Champ awakes the rookie and takes of his Tshirt, ready to fight the girl.

They fight, man is dominant. Girl go on the ground on her knees. The champ smiles. He helps her to get up. She tries to hit his groin but he is a champ and manage to block her hit. Champ hits her few times on her head, she is dizzy so champ offers the rookie to take his revenge. Champ go on her back and block her arms, champ offers the rookie to hit her groin with all his strength. Champ is holding her preventing her to move.

Rookie is ready to kick her groin but girl walk on Champ foot. Champ is surprised and girl manage to move enough to dodge the Rookie’s kick which hit Champ’s groin. Champ slowly fall on his knees (hands on his crotch). She orders rookie to move, Round 2 is not finished. She takes benefit of Whamp’s pain to hit him many times on his face. When he is nearly out. She helps him to get up (rookie tris to motivate him). He is dizzy but tries to fight back, he tries to hit her but she dodges all his hits and hits him few times on his abs and finally uppercut him. He is out, she counts 3.

3rd round : 5 min

Both men against the girl.

They attack her simultaneously and dominate at the beginning. She finally goes on the ground. They high five. She asks them to show her their biceps flattering them. They do. She takes benefit of it to hit them on their groins. They go on their knees. She taunts them and scratch Champ’s eyes. Champ is blinded.

Rookie is up and fight. He manages to catch the girl and offer the champ to hit her. Champ wants to hit her face with all his strength but girl manages to dodge him (because Champ is alaways blinded) and champ finally hits Rookie’s head. Rookie is out !

Champ is angry. He fight back. He begins strangling her and blcoks her against the wall. He asks her who is the champ ? She tries to speak but he can’t hear her so he get closer so she can squeeze his groin. Champ is in pain but keep going strangling her. The more he strangles, the more she squeeze his crotch. And finally Champ has to stop, pain is too high. She hits him on the face , he is dizzy and she finally hit him on the groin, he fall on his knees, then she uppercuts him, he fall on his back, OUT !

Daughter sits on him counting to 3. Then she takes a selfie with her and both men out.

The end.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Protect your balls fighting Eriny

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