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Custom clip request 

Alexa wears shirt showing cleavage, shorts and black mules. Same mules that Lesley wore in Bionic Woman. Bare legs and thighs. No gloves, no socks, nothing around her neck. Makeup is similar to Smile pictures. Her hair is tied up. Man wears casual clothing and mask. Same man in the attachment. Bionic Woman arrests Burglar

Part 1

Man walks into the room and starts going through the draws. Suddenly he acts like hes being grabbed and backs into the wall. He can't move. Camera moves from man to reveal Alexa's shoe. She is sitting with her legs crossed. Leg is almost horizontal. (Attachment) Arms are also crossed. Camera moves up her leg and her body. Repeating shots of Mans face looking at her during this until we see her face. She is smiling

She says' Hello Darling. I knew you'd be here. I'm here to arrest you.'

Using her mind control she makes him run back and forth around the room.  No visual effects. He acts like he's getting hit with sound effects.  Many close ups of her shoe and her face. Close ups of her cleavage. Shots of crossed legs in the foreground with him in the background. I'd like separate shots. Not all one shot. If possible could you include Mans POV shots. She stops and walks over to him while hes lying on the floor. 

She says 'Tell you what.'

She grabs him and makes him stand up.

'Ill give you a chance. You will fight me. If you win I'll let you go. If I win.'

She lifts him higher so hes hanging. Shot of her shoes and his shoes at same time. One foot is already arched. Wrinkles visible. She holds him there for a long time. Then she drops him and walks away. He stands up and looks at her. She smiles at him like Smile3 attachment. Similar speed. Shot duration is just like the attachment. Man gets ready to fight.

Part 2

Fighting is just like Secret Agent Lesley part 1. She lets him throw punches at her. She dodges and blocks everything, sometimes in slow mo. Then she attacks him. One round of punching then letting him attack. One round of kicking and so on. Some attacks in slow mo.

At the end of this scene Man is lying on the ground and Alexa stands above him with one shoe pressing on his neck. The other shoe is on the floor. Close up POV of her face smiling at him. Camera switches between her face and his many times. POV attachments in order. 

Part 3

Alexa notices the stool and smiles to herself. She walks to it.(Off camera)

Face shot. Alexa- 'Do you give up?'

Man is still lying on the floor. He looks at her. Then (leg on stool) shot. She's positioned so the wrinkles on her foot are visible and a glimpse of her thigh at the top of the screen. Could you make this part look similar to the attached scene. He stands up and gets ready to fight. She laughs.

Man attacks her and keeps missing. She hits him but he doesn't fall to the ground. He reacts to getting hit and keeps trying. He tries many times before she hits him back. 2 closeups of her foot on the stool. One with man visible in the back, trying to hit her, and one of the other side. Man is off camera.

Close up shots of her leg, waist and cleavage with sounds of man trying to hit her. She laughs a few more times during this. He eventually falls down again.

Alexa-'Just surrender'

He gets up again and gets ready to fight. Same leg shot with him in the back. She smiles like she's holding in a laugh. Camera closes in on her foot in same leg shot.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Bionic Alexa

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