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Custom clip request 

Here is the original script: 

Scene 1: 

Eriny is entering the hideout. A guard notices her and raises his gun, telling her to leave at once. She just smirks and slowly approaches him. 

The camera switches to an corridor ending in a door. We still hear Erinys steps and a couple of shots until the guy stumbles into the view just as his magazine clicks empty. He tries to retreat through the door, but it is locked. As he realizes this he turns around and punches the approaching girl in the face. This seems to amuse her and she halts her movement, intending to give him every chance to attack her he wants. She presents herself wide open and he starts to attack her while growing more and more desperate as his attacks do not appear to do any damage at all. 

Finally he just begs for mercy, at which point Eriny loses interest and just shrugs as she pushes him aside, allowing him to flee in the direction he came from. She looks at the door, smiles, and opens it with a punch. 

Scene 2: 

We see two concerned thugs in a room, while steps and gunfire can be heard outside. One of them is mixing some fluids, asking the other to buy him some time. That guy grabs a crowbar, bat or similar weapon and leaves through the door to meet Eriny.

He hits her as hard as he can several times, his eyes showing disbelief as she just stands there and accepts the blows. After a couple of hits he shakes his hand which is starting to hurt from the recoil. 

We see the first guy again, who finished his mixture and applies it to a rag (obviously intending to chloroform her) and hides behind the door, while we still hear the bat clashing against Eriny a couple of times. Eventually the attacks stop and she enters the room.

The thug sneaks up behind her and covers her mouth and nose with the rag. She just stands there for a few seconds before grabbing the thugs arm and forcing the rag a couple of inches away from her face and starting to examine it. She smells at it and finally inhales slightly, moves around to face her attacker and gently blows at him. He immediately drops unconcious and she carelessly drops the rag. 

Meanwhile another thug used the distraction to attack her from behind, trying to stab her with a knife. She faces him with an encouraging smile and he tries to stab her heart but her skin is still too tough. He holds his knife against her skin and tries to punch it in using his fist like a hammer, but it doesn't help at all. In the end he just flees and Eriny moves on.

Scene 3: 

The boss of the gang is in his own room, with a couple of vials on his table. As Eriny enters he laughts and explains that she is too late and they already have the serum. Eriny doesn't look concerned at all, as that is what she was hoping for.

He takes on of the vials and consumes it, smugly telling her that with the power of that potion he is a god amongst men. He doesn't care if she is resilient as stone, as he can crush it with a single finger now. 

She seems interested and slightly raises her eyebrows in anticipation as she tells him to "Bring it on." Her "fighting stance" is of course to present herself wide open with her arms behind her back and her chin slightly outstretched, smirking. 

He approaches her and smashes his fist against her gut. The power of this blow is obvious as the whole screen shakes and the sounds make it believable he could indeed punch straight through a stone wall. The same is true for all his attacks to follow. Eriny nods her appreciation, but it is glaringly obvious that she is unaffected by the blow. 

The boss is furious and punches her gut a couple more times, while she is just enjoying the situation and maybe even closes her eyes for a moment. The boss then starts to punch her face repeatedly, finishing the series of attacks with an uppercut. Erinys smirk never fades and only adds to his rage. 

He eventually tries a kick and as that doesn't work either he grabs her by the shoulders and yells "Why won't you go down?", emphasising each word by ramming his knee against her crotch/gut with great force. Finally he is so consumed by his rage that he headbutts her, which only results in knocking himself out. 

In the last scene two thugs stumble into the room and see Eriny, who smiles and slightly tilts her head as she wordlessly offers them two vials of the serum. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Juggernaut Eriny

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