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The team of karate!!

Casey is a karate expert and she is warming on the gym. Suddenly it enters three men on the gym.

They are a team of three karate expert, they need to train for an important competition that there will be next week. The gym is booked by Casey but they want the gym for them. They’ll have the championship next week and they can’t lose any time so they invite her to leave the gym.

Casey is not agree because she has booked the gym and she also must partecipate to an important competition so she wants to keep her booking.

The men think that their competition is more important than hers, they are three champions, one of them is the actual regional champion and another is arrived second at the national championship. The women loss time on the gym they can’t reach the level of men.

Casey smiles, she heard the same things a lot of time so she proposes to challenge one of them, in this way they could start the training. The men laugh at her and accepte, they think that it could be amusing, one of them will give her a lesson and then they could start the real training.

It starts the fight between Casey and one of the men and incredibly Casey beats easily the man. The match is a onesided match despite the man try to win.

During the fight Casey uses a lot of different technic and she forces the man to a various desperate tape out.

Casey loves to beat men and above all skilled men.

When the first man can’t still continue the fight, a second one enters on the tatami. He is angry and threat her. He want revenge his friend. Casey asks if he’s sure to try to beat her but he attacks. Also this fight is a onesided match with various tape out.

When the man is almost knock out she helps him to leave the tatami. 

Now is the time of the third man but the fight is like the others with Casey who dominates and win. When she is finished she invites the men to leave the gym because she need to train seriously but the men can’t believe she is skiller than them and they don’t want accepte the losing. 

So Casey decides to challenge the first man in an handycap match with the hand behind her back (the men think that they are champions so it doesn’t need an advantage but they accepte) and she wins. Then she challenges the second man without using kicks and feet and she wins. At last the third man says she is skill and really fast but she wins only because they can’t hit her. Only if they could hit her they would win, so she challenges the third man leaving at him the first 30 seconds where he can hit her and she don’t react (the other two men bring her from behind). He punches very hard her abs but she resists easily and after 30 secs she is free to react and she beats again the man. The three men are very tired humiliated and very angry, they can’t accepte the situation so they decide to attack her in a three vs one match. She is happy because she hopes that the match could be more interesting. She still wins in a onesided match humiliating them in various way then when she watches the men in difficult she decides to give them a little advantage fighting for a while with the hands behind her back.

At last she knocks out them in three different way, the most humiliating you think (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3 are three example but you can also use another one).

During the video I love teasing, she joke with them and she overpowers them. She is sure of herself and she jokes about male superiority, she advice a few time to men to give up and to pass up to try to beat her. The men don’t think it is possible that a woman beat them, they think that men are skiller and stronger, they can’t accepte the losing.

I’m sure you will be very good to create some dialogues.

During the fights the men try to win but Casey stops or avoid their attacks.

I think you know my taste, I love that the matches are one-sided matches, that Casey use all the variety of moves she knows and that men are not passive. During the fight I love she knocks down the men and then she begins to make some submission holds forcing them to submit again and again. I love that she TEASES the men during all the battles more and more. I like Casey humiliates them as she knows to do.

About the style of fight I talked of karate but I would like a mix of karate, kickboxing, judo. I like a lot the action like the video Naughty student Lesley with a lot of high kicks, lateral kicks, karate hits, flips, judo throw and what you can add. I would love also some judo moves (as the photo annex, nice 1, nice 2) that are more technic and I love humiliating submissions. I like the idea that the men must surrender in front to a woman.

In the variety of moves I'd like that she uses at least once the movement like this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soCTcM878vg, of course if she feels to be able, if not it is not a problem. 



She must wear black pantyhose.

The men like karate men with black belt.

If you remember I hate broken pantyhose.

Hair: not tied.

Men: they are very important, as you know I prefer they are bigger and more muscular than Casey but is also very important they are believable, so they must know as to move in karate. The men can't be passive, they try all the time to do a throw or a kick on her but they don't have any success.

Setting: like a gym 

Casey is used to meet men who thinks she can't be enough strong because she is a woman but she is also used to destroy the ego of them. During the battle she could underlines they are the strong sex, they are macho man. She loves humiliates them. Come on you are a big man. You can't beat a woman?? and a lot of other thing to humiliate them. And all that you want.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Casey vs the team of karate

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